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Coming to theatres from writer/director Lindsay Gossling and Quiver Distribution is a story of the sky turning deadly in 13-MINUTES.

In the small ranch community of Minninnewah, there is work to be done and plenty of people doing them. It is a hard-working community as rancher Rick (Trade Adkins) and wife Tammy (Anne Heche) who are trying to make ends meet while keeping the ranch running. Their son Luke (Will Peltz) is dealing with his own issues that threatening his happiness.

At the local motel, Ana (Paz Vega) and fiancé Carlos (Yancey Arias) are working on a home and a future, but they also have an issue that is making their dreams scary moment to moment. Trying to tell Daniel (Davi Santos) that it is his wish to live an open life has so far only proven to be words.

Jess (Thora Birch) works at the local mechanics shop and has raised daughter Maddy (Sofia Bassilieva) on her own. Now Maddy must make a life changing decision that she never thought she would have too.

Kim (Amy Smart) deals in severe weather which makes is perfect that she is married to Brad (Peter Facinelli) the local television weatherman. The couple is raising their young daughter Peyton (Shaylee Mansfield) who has challenges herself.

The day begins with sunshine and everyone doing their jobs but is suddenly made more serious by the threat of impending weather. Mother Nature is about to show this small town what she is made of and the people of Minninnewah will show her what they are made of in times of crisis.

Birch as Jess is a single mother who just wants the best for her daughter. Working at the auto shop, everyone in town knows and respects her. Birch gives tough exterior with squishy interior when it comes to daughter Maddy. Vassilieva as Maddy is a young woman in a small town with big dreams – and a glitch in all of that means a difficult decision.

Smart as Kim is determined to keep her family save while trying to save an entire town. Preparation is one thing, actually living through the madness is quite another. Facinelli as Brad is the local weatherman but also a father and husband who knows his family is in danger and is helpless to stop it.

Heche as Tammy is a mother who believes what she believes and nothing, not even her son, can change that. Adkins as Rick is a tough farmer who has a belief system that is a tad bit out of date and an attitude that needs adjusting – just the kind of thing Mother Nature likes. Peltz as son Luke has something he needs to share with his parents but knows that it will fracture the family.

Vega as Ana sees a future for her relationship and makes plans to have something that most people only dream of. Working hard is paying off and Arias as fiancé Carlos is taking any job he can to help keep them together – even working for rancher Rick! Santos as Daniel is a hard-working young man who is stands up for Carlos at every turn. He also is dealing with a relationship that is going nowhere because of fear.

Other cast include Tokala Black Elk as Steve, Laura Spencer as Vicky, and James Austin Kerr as Eric.

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13 MINUTES is not just about the impending tornado and, it must be said, the special effects on that part of the film is stunning. The cast reacted exactly how I would expect them to if I was in their shoes. At one point I think I was more freaked out than they were.

That being said, 13 MINUTES is about this small town and the everyday lives of the people living in it. Everyone is hard working and trying to make ends meet and keep moving toward a dream, like Ana’s. They each have their difficulties, and they are not simple difficulties either, that shape who they are and their reactions to things.

My only thought is that it does get a bit stereotypical in places, but I understand it is the writer/director’s way to be relevant and current in thought. It is a bit much thrown out there and I was not surprised by the way each of the stories were told.

When the tornado hits, the sound and fury are there in every moment. The filmmakers do not mess around when it comes to the effects because man, oh man, they went big. So, grab the popcorn and prepare for the weather to come knocking.

In the end – every second counts!



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