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Currently on DVD from director Surapong Ploensang and Film Movement comes the story of a past trauma and memories that are CRACKED.

Young widow Ruja (Chayanit Chansangavej) has been living in New York with young daughter Rachael (Nutthatcha Padovan) and now must return home to Thailand to settle her father’s estate. Begrudingly returning, she immediately tells Wichai (Sahajak Boonthanakit) to sell everything, including two strange paintings that everyone seems to want.

Wichai suggests that young artist Tim (Nichkhun) be allowed to touch up the paintings to get the best price possible. Ruja agrees making it clear she wants nothing more than to sell and get back to her life in New York. But something is happening to everyone around them and Ruja begins to see strange things.

She is not the only one as Rachel experiences forces that only want to do evil. Even Tim sees the dangers to the young girl. There is something from Ruja’s past at work here and as she tries to escape, the force is making sure she and Rachel stay. When the truth finally comes out, so does the history of Ruja’s family and it is shocking beyond belief!

Chansangavej as Ruja is a young woman in mourning and now dealing with going back home, a place that she never wanted to see again. Her very young daughter Rachael is dealing with sight issues and that take precedent over anything else. What Chansangavej’s character of Ruja didn’t grasp until it was too late is that her own childhood memories are about to prove dangerous to them both. Chansangavej’s portrayal is very well done.

Nichkhun as Tim is brought in to make repairs to a painting that seems to be taking on more cracks at time passes. Tim discovers that there is something more going on with these two valuable paintings and shares his discovery with Ruja. Nichkhun gives us a portrait of a man who cares about the strange events and may have some answers.

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CRACKED is a thriller from beginning to end with a mysterious story that isn’t about to let itself out in big doses. Instead, it twists, turns, misleads and covers up teasing the viewer to find the hidden gems on their own.

The story is unique and stellar, being a big fan of suspense, the film gave me everything and more.  A few quick inhales now and then followed by ‘oh my gosh’ whispers. Surrounded by a very dense forest and serious rain only adds to the mysterious look and feel of the story director Ploensang is trying to convey.

The cast is limited which allows for the viewer to become completely engrossed in the story without any outside interference. Moment by moment is meticulously put into place and when it all comes together – there is always a bit more, and a bit more. Even when the story is finished, it isn’t and I loved that.

Coming in at 93 minutes, it is in Thai with English subtitles but let me say this – its when you don’t hear anyone speak that you should be worried about!

In the end – a horrifying truth lay beneath the paint!



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