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On 4K Ultra HD and Bluray from director Jim Wynorski and Lightyear Entertainment is THE RETURN OF SWAMP THING.

Abigail Arcane (Heather Locklear) has always has questions regarding the death of her mother. Heading down to step-father Dr. Anton Arcane’s (Louis Jourdan) home, she knows he has the answers she really needs.

What she does not know is that Dr. Arcane, along with Dr. Lana Zurrell (Sarah Douglas), have never stopped working on a way to stop the aging process. The way they have been doing it is messing with the genes from swamp animals and human beings! In their laboratory there are failed experiments called the Un-Men.

Almost immediately, Abigail is in danger and becomes aware of Dr. Holland (Dick Durock) also known as Swamp Thing. He makes it clear that Dr. Arcane is responsible for some of the horrific things going on in his house.

Abigail and Swamp Thing are going to do whatever it takes to stop Dr. Arcane’s horrific experiments and hold them accountable for it all.

Locklear as Abigail is a young woman looking for answers to help explain why she cannot seem to get her life together and it all has to do with her mother. It has been years since seeing her step-father and although she isn’t thrilled to return to him, Abigail has no choice. Locklear gives the performance akin to a new actress trying out her chops. That being said, she gives it her all.

Durock as The Swamp Thing is always trying to help people when trouble is around. He doesn’t manage to save everyone because Dr. Arcane has his hoodlums everywhere but he tries. Once he sees Abigail, he knows he will do whatever it takes to help her find answers and stop the experiments. Durock is a charming Swamp Thing and a very handsome pre-swamp thing and his charm comes through the plant.

Jourdan as Dr. Arcane is just as evil as he wants to be which meant that his charms didn’t work on me for one second. His experience prove he has no conscience at all and if Abigail thinks that gives her some family-like currency, it doesn’t. Jourdan is straight faced and gives his best evil.

Douglas as Zurrell doesn’t like Abigail being there and doesn’t hide it. Abigail knows she is up to something with Dr. Arcane and makes sure that when Zurrell uses her shade, she doesn’t take it from the beginning. Douglas is gets a chance to play the love-struck and just as evil Dr. Zurrell.

Other cast include Monique Gabrielle as Miss Poinsettia, Daniel Emery Taylor as Darryl, Joey Sagal as Gunn, RonReaco Lee as Omar, Frank Welker as Gigi the Parrot and Ace Mask as Dr. Rochelle.

Lightyear Entertainment is a distribution company enjoying its 35th Anniversary. In 2016, Lightyear theatrically released TANNA, which was Academy Award nominated for Best Foreign Film. Since then, Lightyear theatrically released THE ETRUSCAN SMILE, which starred Brian Cox of HBO’s series Succession, MAZE, GOLDSTONE, A-HA: The Movie, and VOODOO MACBETH among others. For more visit

Bonus Features include Audio Commentary from Director Jim Wynorski, Composer Chuck Cirino and Editor Leslie Rosenthal (2018), Audio Commentary from Director Jim Wynorski (2003), Interviews with Director Jim Wynorski, Editor Leslie Rosenthal, Composer Chuck Cirino and Lightyear Entertainment Executive Arnie Holland, Original Theatrical Trailer, Six Promotional TV Clips, 2 TV Spots, 2 Greenpeace Public Service Announcements, 1989 Promo Reel and Photo Gallery (Accompanied by Chuck Cirino’s Film Score).

THE RETURN OF SWAMP THING picks up as Abigail is now a young woman that still has questions about her mother’s death. Meeting Swamp Thing is the opportunity to not only discover what happened to her mother but how Dr. Arcane’s home is a place that is causing pain and destruction.

The film also has humor which made me giggle quite a bit. This film is actually a trip down memory lane because I remember when it first came out and it was a Friday night double feature at the drive in. Yes, the kids today will never know the fun of the drive-in on monster double feature night and that is such a shame.

Until the world spins right, get the family together, pop some corn and enjoy THE RETURN OF SWAMP THING!

In the end – he’s not just a plant!



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