The Russians are coming!

No, they’re not … they’re already here! The Russians are here and they’ve been here for quite some time. They have infiltrated our politics, our social, economic and educational systems.

The Democrats blame the Republicans and the Republicans blame the Democrats, but the real culprit is our ignorance to recognize the control that Russia and Vladimir Putin have on the hearts, minds and souls of all good Americans.

Through online trolls, fake social media profiles and fake news, they’ve managed to get all races — black, brown, yellow and white — and even our Religions to war against each other. Everybody recognizes the divisions in our country have never been as great as they are today. With Black Lives Matter, the #MeToo Movement, KKK, neo-Nazis and Antifa — which refers to people that are anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-homophobic and anti-capitalist — what can we expect?

Every country in the world has problems, some have more than others, but make no mistake: We are still the greatest country on this Earth! We will continue to be so if we just stop the name-calling, blame-gaming and finger pointing and realize every person has a right to their own opinions and we must give each person — regardless of those opinions — respect.

The hatred toward our president has never been so extreme in the history of the United States. What we must understand is we elected a man to be our president who was above and beyond politics. Please do not misjudge our president. He can be crude and he can be rude, but he was elected by half of this country because our elected officials have proven they have no ability to run our country.

Our politicians on both sides of the aisle, both Democrats and Republicans, have become part of the swamp! Every country has its swamp. The people in charge of those swamps put themselves above the common good of their countries. But in spite of the swamp, in spite of being rude and crude, Donald Trump has proven to move America’s interests forward.

Ignore the fake news and the Russian propaganda. With so much antagonism against him, what other man in his position could ever do so much? God bless America and God bless the president of the United States!



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Richard Matz

Richard T. Matz is the publisher of the Military Press. Send feedback to