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Currently on Bluray, DVD and includes an all-new Sing Along Edition from director Kirk DeMicco and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is the song and story of VIVO.

It is the beautiful place of Havana, Cuba where Andres (Juan de Marcos Gonzalez) and his best friend Kinkajou Vivo (Lin-Manuel Miranda) spend their time playing music together. They are enjoying life together when an unexpected letter comes to the door. Marta Sandoval (Gloria Estafan) is about to retire from music and there is a history between she and Andres.

Going to Miami is a chance for Andre to finally, after all these years tell Marta his feelings for her and a song he wrote. Vivo becomes a tad jealous thinking that he will be left behind and accepting what is best for his friend. Unfortunately, their meeting is never meant to be. The arrival of Rosa (Zoe Saldana) and young Gabi (Ynairaly Simo) also changes Vivo’s life.

It is a chance to get to Miami so that Vivo can find Marta and give her the music that Andre always wanted her to hear. That can only happen if Gabi can get away from her group of girls called the San Dollars. Finally able to find Marta, Vivo watches a change in Rosa and Gabi and becomes a new resident of Miami!

Miranda as Vivo is a fun loving and loyal Kinkajou when it comes to his friend Andres. Then he knows what must be done for his friend and that’s when his adventure begins. Seeing the world in a different way and in a different city, Vivo is determined! Miranda gives a sweet spot to this character with his wonderful voice.

Simo as Gabi is not like the girls around her. She sees the world through different eyes and colors, and I could not love this character more. It is a wonderful character for young girls who are trying to find where they fit in by being themselves in unique and colorful ways. My granddaughter absolutely loved Gabi and Vivo together.

Gonzalez as Andres loves his life in Cuba with Vivo and the news of a secret love brings him so much joy. So much so that Vivo makes it his mission to do what Andres could not. Estefan as Marta lends her memories of a past with Andres as well as her voice to bring the film to a wonderful and tissue worthy conclusion.

Other cast include Brian Tryree as Dancarino, Nicole Nyer as Valentina, Katie Lowes as Becky, Olivia Trujillo as Eva, Lidya Jewett as Sarah, Christian Ochoa as Montoya, Bradon Jeffords as Mr. Henshaw, Gloria Kellett as Gloria, Leslie Baker as Bob and Michael Rooker as Lutador,.

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VIVO is a colorful, wonderful, fun, musical story about loyalty, fun, adventure, love, dedication and friendship. Those are all fantastic reasons to see this film with your entire family. The music with Lin-Manuel Miranda leading the cast of characters is such a joy.

There is so much about this film that teaches children that friendship can come from anyplace, just ask a Kinkaju and love always finds its way back to someone’s heart. There is also Gabi’s story as this young girl just loves being unique and is learning that sometimes you have to stand up for that uniqueness, even if it costs just a little bit.

The animation is absolutely colorful which ask such heart and soul to the story. I watched the film with my family and trust me when I say this is one for the entire family to enjoy, of all ages.

In the end – one song can change anything!



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