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Coming to help ring in the fourth of July weekend from Amazon Originals and director Chris McKay comes the story of the future who want help fighting THE TOMORROW WAR.

Dan Forester (Chris Pratt) has fought in a war and taken his G.I. Bill bringing him to teaching science at the local high school. During daughter Muri’s (Ryan Armstrong) birthday party and watching a soccer game with wife Emmy (Betty Gilpin), a shock happens right before a goal with a lightening blast landing mid-field.

Out of the light comes Lt. Hart (Jasmine Matthews) telling everyone listening that they are from the future of 2051. The planet is systematically being destroyed by a creature that wants nothing more than to exterminate human life and they need help. Soon after, a draft is begun to bring people from this time to the future aiding in the battle.

Teaching his science class, Dan does not know if or when he could be called, and that question is quickly answered. Emmy wants the family to run, and Muri just wants her Dad. Dan decides he must do what is asked of him if Muri is to have a future of any kind. With a quick fitting and relatively no training, Dan finds himself in the middle of a hellish situation.

He meets fellow soldier Charlie (Sam Richardson), Dorian (Edwin Hodge) and Romeo Commander (Yvonne Strahovski) but there is no time for fellowship! The creatures instantly fixate on the new arrivals, and it is the Commander who gets them to a place looking for scientists. What is important is to find the work that can stop the creatures in 2051 and save the time Dan is from.

The future can save the present!

Pratt as Dan gives us the facial expressions of a warrior that we all have come to expect and with THE TOMORROW WAR he once again delivers. As a man who wants a future for his child, there is nothing he would not do but guarantee he does not expect it to be like this. The thing with Pratt is that he can be as bad ass as he wants but you can bet there are going to be one liner that are memorable in every role he takes – and Dan is no exception. His wit is mixed in with his braun and it makes the film from start to finish.

Richardson as Charlie is a character I am never likely to forget. His nervousness brings a reaction that might be hard to keep up with but once you think about it – he makes sense. He is also a brain that when put together with Dan makes a team that is awesome. Hodge as Dorian is a man with issues of his own and he is not going to be talked out of how he handles his life. Dorian might be a little cold, but he has his reasons.

Matthews as Hart is a very strong soldier and even though what is happening in 2051 is truly horrendous, she knows her job and has to keep that strength and Matthews gives her the backbone to make it all happen.

Armstrong as young Muri is a girl who has a great relationship with her Dad. She quickly becomes a young girl that has to see adult scary things but stands by him. Gilpin as Emmy does not want him to go to war (and who would), trying to find a way out of it. When Dan decides to go, Gilpin puts on her support face and does so the rest of the film.

Shout out goes to J.K. Simmons and I mean that seriously! Who ever decided to pair Pratt with Simmons needs to do it again because dang these two guys have mean stares, sharp wit and no fear of spikey creatures. Simmons has always been a favorite of mine so to see him buff up and gun up was pretty dang cool and I will not mind seeing that again.

Other cast include Mary Lynn Rajskub as Norah, Keith Powers as Major Greenwood, Mike Mitchell as Cowan, Jared Shaw as Tank, Alex Louder as Diablo, Seychelle Gabriel as Sgt. Diaz, Chibuikem Uche as Lt. Ikemba, Rose Bianco as Rose, Alan Trong as Lt. Tran, David Maldonado as Dodd and J.K. Simmons as James.

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There is something spectacular about a big action film that opens during the Fourth of July holiday, and I have always looked forward to them. THE TOMORROW WAR is one such film that lends itself to the resilience of the human spirit and, in this case, the future of the human spirit with the addition of creatures that think we are so easily wiped out.

Pratt and crew make a story full, and action packed which is, lets face it, why we love them. But this film gives us something so much more. Part of good action films is that sometimes the ending just leaves us wanting more and with a few more questions. THE TOMORROW WAR takes it all a step further.

Instead of just beating the aliens, director McKay makes darn sure that in the films two hours and twenty minutes, we get to experience everything. Not just the fact that the creatures want us all as a snack but the how, why and what are these characters going to do about it.

There are reminiscences of films I have seen before, and I see them more as a kudo to the alien-action genre like INDEPENDENCE DAY and even a bit of THE X-FILES, but I am thrilled with every moment of it.

Honestly, I had a good time. I yelled, I hollered, had my own one-liners that probably are not fit for print, applauded and laughed so much. That is the sign of a good film in getting to just have a fantastic experience AND plan to see it again on my Christmas gift 70-inch TV with surround sound (you have been warned neighbors unless you care to join in…bring popcorn).

See it for what it is, THE TOMORROW WAR is why we love our movies loud, action packed and actors that make it just about the best way to spend time with family and friends.

In the end – to save the present they must fight the future!



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