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Coming to Digital and On Demand from director Dean Murphy and Lionsgate is the return of The Hog with THE VERY EXCELLENT MR. DUNDEE.

Paul Hogan (Paul Hogan) is dealing with very anxious manager Angie (Rachael Carpani) who wants him to meet with a studio. Once he does, it becomes clear that their ideas for the next Crocodile Dundee movie if far from anything he wants to do. Already in the news for an incident dealing with a snake and a bunch of kids, he now has to deal with a misunderstanding from the studio.

Angie is even more frustrated, especially when Hogan receives word that he is to be given an award from the Queen. At first Hogan is not really thrilled about the ideal until granddaughter Lucy (Charlotte Stent) is thrilled with the idea for him. He decides that he will go through with it but it seems weirdness is trying to keep him from it.

Dealing with snoopy photographer Luke (Nate Torrence), hiding neighbor Wayne (Wayne Knight), strange goings on with son Chase (Jacob Elordi), a bit of possible romance with Ella (Kerry Armstrong) and a joy ride with John (John Cleese). He had a quiet life in Los Angeles before opening his front door.

How can he keep on the straight and narrow for the Queens Knighthood!

Hogan as, well, himself gets caught in situations that question every aspect of who he is. He has a long history with Australia and become beloved in the United States before of the character Crocodile Dundee. Now 80, he just wants to take naps, keep up with his son and granddaughter and avoid insanity. Well, that hardly happens in this film so if you are looking to blame someone, blame the Queen! Just kidding.

Torrence as Luke is a photographer who has no sense of direction although I would think a Hollywood photographer would know where Melrose is. He just wants to find that one thing that will take him over the top. Elordi as Chase is a kid who is also looking for his place in life and tries a little of everything much to Hogan’s surprise. Stent as Lucy is adorable and knows her grandfather is a little different but that certainly does not stop her from being his biggest fan.

Let us talk about John Cleese for a moment, he just drives into the film and left me cracking up. A fan from way back (do not ask how far back), he gets a chance to be as funny as he wants to be.  

Other cast include Betty Bobbitt, Costas Mandylor, Lynn Gilmartin, Nancy O’Dell, Shane Jacobson, Julia Morris, Jessica Gower, Jim Jeffries, Mel Gibson, Reginald VelJohnson, Luke Hemsworth, Olivia Newton-John, Luke Bracey and Chevy Chase.

What makes the film even funnier is all the Australian actors that come out to do their best to make sure whatever Hogan has all over him does not rub off on them. The stock of Gibson is nicely blended in as a man who knows how far people will go to walk on the other side of the street.

This film is campy, has chuckles and lets Hogan just absorb the craziness of everyone else around him and sees a nap as the answer – or is it?

In the end – he’s back, whether he likes it or not!



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