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On Digital and OnDemand from director Scott Speer and Quiver Distribution comes the story of love that knows no bounds because they are ENDLESS.

Riley (Alexandra Shipp) and Chris (Nicholas Hamilton) are very much in love. High schoolers finding their way through life together feeling happy. That is all about to change when Riley wakes up in the hospital after an accident to find Chris did not survive.

Dealing with survivors’ remorse and feeling hostility from Chris’s Mom, she tries to find her way back to school and friends. The problem is there is something that keeps her from it…Chris. At first, she finds herself in solitude and thinking she is convincing herself he is near, but when she realizes he is near is changes everything.

That is until her Mom and Dad see that she is suffering more each day. Chris, on the other hand, is being helped by Jordan (DeRon Horton), a very smiley and informative spirit that lets him know how things work. When Jordan discovers Chris has made contact with Riley, it shakes them both to their spiritual core.

Riley needs to be happy and her friends see the toll all this is having on her. When she tries to explain and show them what is going on in her life, they are stunned at her strong beliefs about Chris. Before everything goes wrong, both Riley and Chris must make a decision about where to go from here.

But are their decisions the same?

Shipp as Riley is a young woman who thought she knew exactly how her life would turn out with Chris. Once that dream changed course, Shipp gives her character a deep sense of pain to the point of not realizing how it is affecting her life. This actress gives Riley passion and emotions that are complex and actually understandable.

Hamilton as Chris is a young man equally as happy with his relationship with Riley. Finding himself on the spiritual side of life is not exactly without its learning curve. Hamilton is charming, lovely and is well paired with Shipp. His character is extremely complex, more than Riley could have imagined and it is nice to see that part of the story.

Horton as Jordan is charming, quick witted and starts to believe in Chris’ ability to connect with Riley. The is a role that does not need to be big to be impactful and Horton offers us that. Janssen as Chris’ mother has anger issues of her own to deal with and she is at the opposite end of where Riley is. Understandable but there comes a time when even that anger is always pointed in the right direction.

Other cast include Famke Janssen as Chris’ Mom, Ian Tracey as Richard, Patrick Gilmore as Jenkins, Catherine Haggquist as Helen, Aaron Pearl as Chris’ Father, Zoe Belkin as Julia, BJ Harrison as Auntie, Barbara Meier as Teri and Eddie Ramos as Nate.

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ENDLESS is a sweet story of young people who have such difficult years as it is without throwing a little death into the mix. Trying to put it all into perspective is difficult from both sides but Shipp and Hamilton lay out a road map of how it can be done. It is not without pain and tears and, that being said, it is about love and what is done in the name of it.

Needing family and friends to support and finding forgiveness with Chris’ mother, Shipp’s character has so much to offer in her character’s role. Chris only has Jordan, which isn’t a bad thing because he is lively and full of information needed to understand what needs to be done for them both.

The film can be enjoyed by all ages and the component of love makes it a wonderful hug session on the sofa with the family.

In the end – true love never fades!



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