Navigating the world of children’s games and apps can be challenging. While there are online app stores with thousands of apps that claim to be educational, very few truly are. And if they’re not fun, kids won’t play with them and won’t learn from them.

With this in mind, the learning experts at LeapFrog, the leader in educational entertainment for kids, have assembled a handy checklist for parents to consider before making a purchase:

• Comprehensive Skills: Look for games and apps with an emphasis on curriculum like reading, math, science and creativity.

• Age-Appropriate: Games should provide children with themes and topics that are relevant for their age group.

• Personalized Learning: Opt for games that automatically adjust to your child’s level as he or she progresses.

• Educator-Approved: Verify that games have been created or approved by learning experts.

• Fun and Engaging: Select games that are designed for kids and kid-tested.

• Protecting Kids’ Privacy: Confirm that games comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

More free tips for parents are available LeapFrog’s Parent’s Guide to Educational Games & Apps at

Putting in the time to find fun and engaging games and apps can help children excel both educationally and developmentally, in the classroom and at home.



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