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In theatres from directors Aaron and Adam Nee and Paramount Pictures is an adventure for a writer, a model and gazillionaire looking for THE LOST CITY.

Loretta (Sandra Bullock) is an extremely successful romance novelist who is dealing with the lost of a loved one. Consigned to being over all the conventions and book tours, she just wants to take a break. Unfortunately, very determined publicist Beth (Da’Vine Randolph) is not going to let her get away with anything, including her obligations.

In a purple form fitting sequenced onesie, Loretta is on stage to talk to fans about her latest book and, much to her dismay, so is Alan (Channing Tatum). Alan is the book cover model with striking good looks and long flowing air who dazzles everyone but Loretta. On this occasion, clumsiness and an awkward backbend has Loretta twisting and Alan losing his locks.

Loretta decides she has had enough and storms off to meet her car, instead she is met by two large gentlemen who whisk her away. Waiting for her is Abigail Fairfax (Daniel Radcliffe), a very energetic and excited gazillionaire who wants Loretta’s help. He believes she has the key to finding a hidden treasure based on her book. Assuring him that she does not know anything, Fairfax does not take no for an answer.

Waking up on a private jet, Fairfax makes it clear that Loretta is going to help and can start by deciphering glyphs. Where is Alan? Oh, well he has discovered that Loretta has been taken and Beth is frantic. He calls the one person Alan knows can track her down and that is Jack Trainer (Brad Pitt).

Meeting up, Alan and Jack discover Loretta’s phone is on a volcanic island and off they go. Loretta in the meantime is at the mercy of Fairfax who makes it clear she is not going anywhere till she helps. Well, shoot ups, sneak ups and bang ups later Loretta and Alan are in the middle of the jungle trying to get away from the bad guys.

Instead of instantly leaving, they sort of decide that they are going to look for the treasure Fairfax wants. Will they discover it? How far is Fairfax being them? Is Beth going to find them first? Is the mystery of the treasure even real? Find out when you see THE LOST CITY.

Bullock as Loretta gives us everything that is stereotypical thinking about romance novelists. Living a sad life, writing down her passions and dreams of romance and adventure while living a secluded existence. Except only some of that is true because Loretta is a smart woman just dealing with things on her own time. Once she is let out of that box, man the adventure follows, and Bullock delivers some of the funniest lines. I was laughing constantly and loved it.

Tatum as Alan, oh dearests Channing you are absolutely hilarious. Playing opposite Bullock, Tatum has found magic. Clearly Alan is in love with Loretta, and he does everything to try to show it but you can not get through someone who is jaded by her own work. Yet, there Alan is, persistent, patient yet also has some of the best mumbling answers but, there does come a moment where he lays out his truths and I applauded it.

Radcliffe as Fairfax is hilarious, wonderful and made his role looks like he was having more fun that he should have been. Clearly dealing with brother problems and trying to make his own mark in the work, Fairfax has a magazine rack full of issues. Radcliffe continues to shed his Potter days (although secretly we wish he’d make a return someday – embrace the Potter dude!) and this role took us clearly on the other side of the universe of that. I loved it and he cracked me up.

Randolph as Beth is clearly a woman who believes in her job, a paycheck and no nonsense. Those three things make her a combination to be dealt with and a force driving her to find Loretta and eventually Alan. Randolph held her own and did it with style and hilarity. Shout out to Oscar (Oscar Nunez) and his role as the airplane pilot trying to make his moves on Beth and yet we still remember his strip tease from Bullocks film THE PROPOSAL.

Now, about Brad Pitt, oh yes, Pitt as Trainer is everything in Loretta’s books and even more than everything that Alan wants to be for Loretta. He is suave, slick, adventurous, disarming (literally) and still as handsome as ever. Thanks, Brad, for that!

Other cast include Patti Harrison as Allison, Bowen Yang as Ray, Joan Pringle as Nana, Hector Anibal as Rafi, Thomas Johnson as Julian, Sli Lewis as Shades, Olga Bucarelli as the woman in the village, Adam Nee as Officer Sawyer and Raymond Lee as Officer Gomez.

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THE LOST CITY was hilarity from beginning to end. It has been a while since I laughed this much at a movie and repeated some of the lines since then. Reminiscent of ROMANCING THE STONE, this story let each of the cast members show their comedic side in equal measure. I thought all of them had the best parts and just loved what they brought to the film.

If you are looking to just laugh for two hours, THE LOST CITY is the film to make that happen. I had such a good time and along with my daughter and granddaughter, watching a good story, lots of action and adventure and a little surprise at the end of the credits. Laughing is just the medicine we needed and thanks to a stellar cast for giving us such a cool afternoon at the movies.

In the end – adventures is real but heroes are not!



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