Coming to theatres from director Christopher Cantwell and Samuel Goldwyn Films comes the story of a boy and a stranger with THE PARTS YOU LOSE.

Wesley (Danny Murphy) is a young deaf boy who is living in a rugged town filled with equally rugged people. His mother Gail (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) tries her best to help Wesley but his father Mitch (Scoot McNairy) doesn’t try to relate with is son, or anyone else for that matter.

Waking about in the snow one morning, Wesley finds a man lying near the edge of a frozen lake and tries to get help. By the time he returns with his father, no one is there. Continuing to look, the boy finds a man and drags him to a large barn.

Feeling as if he has found a new friend, Wesley does what he can to help him. His parents see on the news that there was a robbery and shooting in Carson and the police are looking for the criminals on the loose. Helicopters are out in full force looking but that doesn’t stop him from helping the man in the barn including reaching out to someone else for help.

Wesley also deals with the pressures of those from school who make his life difficult. The Man discovers what his parents clearly don’t see and tries to teach him how to protect himself from those who would do him harm. As the police close in Wesley feels the pressure to help the Man in the barn and begins to see a darker side of the caged tiger he has befriended!

Murphy as Wesley is a young man in a world that those around him can’t understand. That is what makes his friendship with Paul’s character so important to him. Here is someone that he can be himself with and there isn’t any judgement. Murphy is angelic looking with a sense of how things are in his life. He has more of an understanding than the adults around him truly understand. Playing along-side Paul, Murphy is amazing to watch in a role that requires pure acting ability and makes it look effortless.

Paul as the Man Is a dangerous man even if he befriends Wesley. Waiting in a barn to be captured is nerve wracking and waiting for help from a buddy just makes the emotional edges jagged! There are moments in the film that it’s easy to forget the Man is dangerous because of the relationship he comes to have with the young boy treating him better than his own father. Paul can be charming one minute and frightening the next and, like a caged tiger, one is never sure when the tiger will bite.

McNairy as Mitch is a man who has so many issues I don’t know where to begin. Unhappiness with his life and with a son he doesn’t understand, he can’t control the disappointment in either and it begins to wear on the family – and a certain criminal in the barn. As the tables turn between Mitch, Wesley and the Man in the barn, it becomes heartbreaking with a reality that is certain for them all.

Winstead as Gail is a woman caught in so many ways. First being in a rural town where the jobs are scarce and the family lives day to day, a son with special needs and a husband who clearly is walking a tight rope.

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THE PARTS YOU LOSE is a film about a young boy discovering who exactly can he trust. Living with parents that are dealing with their own issues, Wesley is a young man just trying to find his place. Meeting the Man is a respite from the real world and allows him to teach, laugh and learn. The problem is he is teaching, laughing and learning with the wrong person.

The adults around him clearly can’t handle their own reality so it’s easy to see why the young boy detaches from those around him. How can he expect to be understood when the adults around him are so engrossed in their own adult problems. The film brings in the gray and snowy winter as a back drop that adds a unpredictable dimension to the story.

THE PARTS YOU LOSE isn’t hiding behind a music score or special effects but instead allows the actors to bring us into a tale that has all the elements of a story we want to see to the very end. 

In the end – danger hides in plain sight!



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