ALDI delights deal-seeking shopper

No, this isn’t an advertorial. This is just my experience shopping at ALDI supermarket. My wife and my three daughters abhor grocery shopping, so this task has been left to me for the past 30 years. Don’t get me wrong — I’m not complaining, for it gives me the opportunity to select and choose all my favorite foods.

I’ve shopped at Vons, Albertsons, Stater Brothers, Food for Less, Walmart, Costco, Smart and Final and too many other large and small markets to list them all. For some of you older readers you’ll remember Alpha Beta, Food Basket, Big Bear, Lucky’s Market, Kroger’s, A&P and too many more to mention. With all the experience I’ve had shopping I know when I run across a good product with a low or reasonable price.

That brings me to the experience that I’ve had shopping at ALDI. They remind me a lot of shopping at the commissaries on base! But the best part, they are not on base and are very convenient — all six stores in our area and more to come.

ALDI sells brand names and off-brands, and the best part is if you are not satisfied with the quality of the off-brands, ALDI returns your money to be applied to your new purchases that day.

They always have ridiculously low prices on an advertised fruits and vegetables. Let me give you an example: 99 cents for a delicious pineapple or 25 cents for an avocado. These specials change each and every week from pineapples to mangoes to avocados to 16-ounce packages of asparagus for 79 cents! If you are a potato chip aficionado, you’ll love Clancy’s chips. They’re every bit as good as Ruffles and for half the price. The same thing goes for Clancy’s tortilla chips, pretzels, jalapeno and barbecued chips.

They are extremely competitive when it comes to milk, eggs, butter and all dairy products. Some of my favorites are orange juice for $2.49 per quart and when on sale it was only $1.99. Also, kosher dill pickle spears and, yes, they’re the best I’ve ever ate. They also have super deals on all different types of kitchen devices, furniture and equipment like outdoor barbecue grills.

As I mentioned above they have six stores in our area — two stores in Escondido, two stores in Chula Vista, one store in San Diego and a store in Temecula with a new store opening soon in Encinitas.

I’ve gotten to the point where every single week I stop at least once or twice at ALDI in fear of missing out on all of the bargains that they offer, with new ones each in every week! Oh yes they do sell organic foods, and, by the way, they own Trader Joe’s as well!



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