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Coming to DVD from director Shaun Paul Piccinino and Lionsgate comes the story of a young man trying to save his family by being an AMERICAN FIGHTER.

Ali Jahani (George Kosturos) is a young man living in the United States going to college in 1981. His parents are in Iran when he gets word that they will be coming to visit. Meeting them at the airport, he learns that tragedy has struck his family and they are still in Iran. Learning it will take a lot of money to get them out, Ali’s friend Ryan (Bryan Craig) has an idea.

Taking him to his Uncle McClellen’s (Tommy Flanagan) place, Ali is given a chance to make a large sum of money being in the ring. Showing what he has by accident, his fighting gets everyone’s attention. After his first fight, he meets Duke (Sean Patrick Flannery) who use to be a fighter but seems to have given it up just to hang around with McClellen.

When not fighting, Ali hangs out with the lovely Heidi (Allison Paige) and the two become close. He is running out of time as the war in Iran moves closer to his mother and the lawyer gives him only a few days to come up with the rest of the money. Duke knows there is something wrong and McClellen is the cause of it. So, there is only one thing to do, show Ali what he knows and set up the fight for his family’s life.

Kosturos as Ali is a young man who wants his parents with him in the United States as the problems in Iran intensify. When tragedy strikes, it reverberates into a large sum of money needed to bring his family together again. Kosturos gives us a son that will do anything for his family, even at a time when Iranians are not treated well.

Craig as Ryan is a friend to Ali and when he realizes that he needs money fast, knows there is only one way for that to happen. As both boys also are in college wrestling, they have to keep their fighting separate or risk getting caught. Paige as Heidi is an outgoing and lively young college woman who has taken a shine to Ali. There comes a moment when she does not understand everything about Ali, and it makes all the difference to them both.

Flanagan as McClellen is a man who has only one goal – to make as much money off the skin of others that he can. Seeing that Ali is a money maker, he does what he always does, uses the young man up. Flanagan has no problem playing the ‘bad guy’ because he does it so damn well!

Flannery as Duke has his own story to tell but it is hard to get it out of him when he’s neck deep in the nearest bottle of alcohol. Duke has the chance to teach a young man what he knows about fighting and the techniques that could possibly save his life in the night fight. Flannery’s character also knows what lengths McClellen will go to and does not want it for Ali.

Other cast include Parviz Sayyad as Mr. V, Salome Azizi as Mrs. Goli Jahani, Vince Bedford as Chet, Kevin Porter as Coach Jenkins, Anna Zielinski as Fiona, Christina Moore as Joy and John Ducey as Captain Martin.

Lionsgate is a global leader in motion picture production and distribution for theatres, television, home entertainment and more. Theatre franchises include THE HUNGER GAMES, and DIVERGENT along with JOHN WICK. Now, adding this film to its 16,000-motion picture and television titles you can see everything coming soon as well as available now at

AMERICAN FIGHTER is the story of a young man dealing with the prejudices of 1981 and being Iranian in his college setting. Knowing that his family will not survive the destruction of his country, Ali knows he will do everything to get them to the United States. Motivated by love, Ali throws every punch with the intensity his emotions can muster.

Flannery has been extremely busy as this is his third film release this year. Most of his films are centered around the human condition mixed with the fighting style of jiu jitsu. Working with the character of Ali, Flannery as Duke offers these teachings to the young man as a way to not only bring him focus but save the ones he loves.

In the end – his battle never ends!



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