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Coming to Bluray and Digital from director Will Gluck and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is the rom-com of when two people believe it’s ANYONE BUT YOU.

Trying to come to terms with leaving school and a boyfriend, Bea (Sydney Sweeney) runs into the very charming Ben (Glen Powell) and after spending the day together they fall asleep in his sofa. In the morning, she wakes and makes a hasty exit but realizing quickly there was no reason too, turns around. Walking up to the door, Ben is in the middle of telling friend Pete (Ga Ta) some insulting things, Bea takes off.

Months go by and Bea discovers that her sister Halle (Hadley Robinson) is dating Pete’s sister Claudia (Alexandra Shipp). At a party, Bea sees Ben once again and gives him the cold shoulder and they each get their shots in. Halle and Claudia become engaged and everyone is invited to attend the ceremony in Sydney, including Bea and Ben.

The madness begins when the two are on the same plane and continues as Bea’s parents want her to reconcile the ex-boyfriend, Ben’s ex-girlfriend has been invited to the wedding and the tension between the two grows when family try to get the couple to see that they belong together. Bea and Ben have decided the only way to get everyone out of their hair is by pretending to be a couple.

Watch how that works out!

Sweeney as Bea plays a doe-eyed undecided young woman who isn’t sure where to go in life. Going to a wedding seems like the best way to avoid dealing with it all, that is until she sees Ben which is a whole new mess of things she is trying to avoid. Her guard is up and she has to keep it up when the two decide to play the cat and mouse game to keep the families at bay. Sweeny is charming and seems to enjoy the role.

Powell as Ben gets to play the charming and good-looking guy who has as quick of an insult wit as Bea does. Teaming up against the family seemed the only way for them to stop pushing the two together. Powell looks like he’s having a good time in this rom-com and it shows.

Ga Ta as Pete wants what’s best for his friend and teams up with Roger to push Bea and Ben together. Robinson as Halle sees what is going on with her sister and that gets hectic while trying to make sure a wedding goes off without much of a hitch. Shipp as Claudia loves coming to Australia for her wedding but worries that the mess between Bea and Ben will make things crazy. She ain’t wrong!

Other cast include Michelle Hurd as Carol, Darren Barnet as Jonathan, Bryan Brown as Roger, Rachel Griffiths as Innie, Charlee Fraser as Margaret and Dermot Mulroney as Leo.

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Disc Details and Bonus Materials included with the Bluray and Digital Extras include He Said She Said, Everyone Down Under, Outtakes & Bloopers, Deleted Scenes, ASMR Pickup Lines and Aussie Snacks.

ANYONE BUT YOU give the pat formula of a rom-com with girl meets boy, moment of connection, misunderstanding, family intervention and then connection. That is not a bad thing as audiences deserve to have fun, love, family and comedy all meshed together for a good time. Having it at home means a movie night with everyone who love a good rom-com!

In the end – they only look like the perfect couple!



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