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Coming to Apple TV+ and director Raymond S. Persi is a stunning look at one of the world’s most famous animated, the world’s most recognizable and beloved characters from Charles Schulz with SNOOPY PRESENTS: Welcome Home, Franklin.

Franklin (voiced by Caleb Bellavance) is a young boy who is used to moving about with his parents. Keeping a notebook given to him by his grandfather, he arrives in his new town hoping to fit in right away. His first meet is with Linus (Wyatt White) in the pumpkin patch and gets a lesson in pumpkin etiquette. Determined to make friends, he meets the very outspoken Lucy (Isabella Leo) who basically sets him straight, and Pig Pen who has an introduction of his own.

Snoopy and Woodstock are all about that surfs up but Franklin is beginning to feel a bit defeated. The cloud’s part when Franklin meets Charlie Brown (Etienne Kellici) and there is a connection. When a derby comes to town and the prize, the two become partners planning for the race. Franklin also shares with Charlie Brown what he knows about baseball and music.

Getting to know one another while building their derby car, Franklin and Charlie Brown are feeling confident of a win. But, what the two boys learn about friendship and loyalty is far more important than the group could ever have imagined.

Bellavance and Kellici as Franklin and Charlie Brown are just such wonderful characters and watching them interact is something totally new. Charlie Brown isn’t known for having close friends but I have a sneaking suspicion he has found that in Franklin and it is a beautiful and fun thing.

Other voice characters include Lexi Perri as Peppermint Patty, Hattie Kragten as Sally, Arianna McDonald as Marcie, Lucien Duncan-Reid as Schroeder, Charlie Boyle as Violet, Will Bhaneja as Shermy, Maya Misaljevic as Frieda, Jackson Reid as Harold, Jacob Mazeral as Jose, Rob Tinkler as Woodstock and, finally, Terry McGurrin as Snoopy.

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Produced for Apple TV+ by Peanuts and WildBrain, the special is directed by Emmy Award winner Raymond S. Persi (“The Simpsons,” “Wreck-It-Ralph”) and is co-written by Robb Armstrong (“Jump Start”) along with Craig Schulz, Bryan Schulz, and Cornelius Uliano, from an original story by Armstrong and Scott Montgomery (“The Snoopy Show”). Executive producers are Craig Schulz, Bryan Schulz, Cornelius Uliano, Paige Braddock, Josh Scherba, Stephanie Betts and Logan McPherson.

SNOOPY PRESENTS: Welcome Home, Franklin is such a wonderful way to introduce the character of Franklin. This young boy knows what it’s like to move from place to place and attempt to make friends everywhere he goes. Relying on good advice from his grandfather, Franklin does what he can to make himself likeable but it seems to go slightly off kilter. This is a fantastic family film with subject matters that are relatable to everyone.

Meeting Charlie Brown is a turning point for Franklin but what he doesn’t realize is that it is also something very special for Charlie Brown. When the derby is presented, the two strangers become friends learning about one another because they do what most people don’t – communicate. Their stories are so sweet that these two boys are quickly at ease with one another.

Apple TV+ brings so much love with SNOOPY PRESENTS: Welcome Home, Franklin and it is a winner for fans. On race day, all of the Peanut’s characters learn a valuable lesson about friendship, loyalty and what is truly important in life. Pizza doesn’t hurt either!

In the end – friendship is the finishing line!



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