Let’s all stretch in preparation for the zombie walk around the endless aisles of school supplies and school clothes. It’s back to school time again! Before you drag your kids out of bed, get bombarded with paperwork and fundraisers, here are a few tips to get yourself and the kids prepped to navigate this hectic next few months of the year!

Before school season starts:

• Bedtimes: One to two weeks before school starts, slip back into a routine. If you hear, “I’m not sleepy!” Have them un-glue their cell phones from their hands, cut off the tv and computer and relax.

• Morning rush hour: Plan a morning routine. That way there is as little stress on everyone as possible and everyone will know what to expect. Older kids and parents can negotiate morning wake up times, clothing approvals, healthy snacks, etc.

• Safety: In case the kids ever are home without you; update the chore chart and emergency contact information on the fridge, by the door, etc. (doctor’s name and number, parents, work and neighbors’ numbers).

If you have younger kids, be thorough and write your name on everything. Regardless of age go over safety expectations.

• Eat: During the madness don’t forget that kids will have a productive day by eating things like eggs; nuts, berries, fruits and cereals! Get creative and have fun!

• At school:
On the 1st day; meet your students’ teacher to open the lines of communication; especially if you need to relay info about your child’s needs. You both want what’s best for your little one; the effort will show you’re dedicated to the learning process.

• After school: Have your munchkin show you what they did during the first day! It will give you an opportunity to ask them about their day and hear what they think will interest them this year.

• Prep for the next day! In order to keep your sanity, I introduce: the key hook. They keep everything in one place and have been instrumental in keeping the hair on my head. Through it all, communicate, smile and be prepared. These three things will save you at the adult beverage store.

One last thing to save the day — don’t forget about you! Eat, exercise and hydrate. It’s going to be a great school season! Just think holiday shopping is just around the corner!

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