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Coming to DVD from writer/director Faruk Sabanovic and Lionsgate comes the story of fear but belief in the possible when you see BIRDS LIKE US.

In this bird world where birds do not fly, several species live together in Birdabad and are protected by Kondor (Jeremy Irons) from what they call ‘the horror’. Once a year they all gather and one egg per bird is given to condor to continue the protection given and to help feed the group.

One young mother bird is Huppu (Alicia Vikander) who lives in fear but is protected by her love Hassan (Kevin Bishop). She can only lay one egg per season and fears for her hatchling. Watching them from afar is a group of birds who do not understand why they do not all fly away but agree that it is time for her to see beyond the tree.

When a seed falls to the ground and grows a fruit tree, Huppu begins to question why they do not let the sun in and grow more. Kondor is furious about it, so Huppu and Hassan go on the run to escape a bird attack. In the process, Kondor and Gavra (Sheridan Smith) are caught up in a world wind to a place that is mysterious.

Kondor and Hassan battle and fall into a deep dark pit and in that pit of darkness she meets Bat (Khalid Abdalla). He sleeps during the day and flies by night and a deal is struck that they will search together. When they wake up from their searching, they are stunned to see light and a large world.

Hassan creates a vehicle that allows them to take a sleeping bat away from the city towards the setting sun. What they encounter is a very busy and very fast-moving world! Traveling by day and night, the world brings challenges for the group, especially with Huppu expecting!

Vikander as Huppu is not ready to have her egg taken by anyone, especially Kondor and will do everything possible to make sure of its protection. Once she sees the world outside, Huppu is able to think for herself and make decisions not based on anyone else. That is another freedom. Vikander offers her voice as a compassionate and protective mother.

Irons as Kondor is just a big blowhard dictator who only sees what the birds in Birdabad can do for him. The funny thing is, he has more fear than the rest of the birds, he is just good at hiding it from them all. Once outside the tree life, his ‘king’-ship means nothing to Huppu, Hassan and Gavra.

Abdalla as Bat is wise, beautiful looking and tries to share what he knows with the bird bunch because they still live in constant fear. Trying to show them another way to feel and to be, his wisdom is met with mixed reaction from the group. Abdalla gives us such a calm presence in a film full of chaos. Smith as Gavra is a very jumpy and excitable and seems to have found a friend in Bat. He really is cute.

Other cast include Christopher Villiers as Craven, Michele Austin as Jula and Ella Smith as Tifa.

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BIRDS LIKE US is a beautiful and colorful look at the world of birds but the more important lesson lies in the story. Kondor, the ‘king’, rules the other birds in such a way that is demanding and dangerous. Taking the first egg from the female birds is a huge lesson in itself and Huppu is the one bird questioning.

In that questioning comes the belief that there is something different, something freeing and another way to live. Once their journey begins, the world opens up wide and Huppu, Hassan and Gavra see that Kondor is not a ‘king’ but instead a ruler who is losing his powers. It also brings into question as to what ‘the horror’ really is.

It must be said, Bat’s story is one of wonderment, beauty and the truth about how we tend to see the world. Going in a circle without taking a moment to see truths – and not necessarily with our own eyes.

I am all for the adventure that Huppu and Hassan are on because they both see the possibilities of a better life and, even though a little afraid of change, want it for their family. The story is lovely and the colorful and effects within the film are stunning and strange which adds a richness to it all.

In the end – it is time for a change.



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