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Currently on Bluray from writer/director John Barr and Screen Media is the story of land, distance, guns and all for BLOOD AND MONEY.

Jim Reed (Tom Berenger) is a man living alone for reasons he has been dealing with for too many years. In his makeshift motor home, Jim is out hunting for a buck in the woods of Northern Maine. It is the one thing he wants to do knowing that he won’t be able to for much longer.

In the small town he stays in touch with the local law Bill (Paul Ben-Victor) about his whereabouts in the vast lands. Letting him know it would only be a couple more days before heading home, Jim tries his luck once again for the elusive buck.

While out, he sees movement and takes his shot. The problem is it is not a buck that he hits. Running back to town he discovers that the local casino has been robbed of over $1 million dollars and waitress Debbie (Kristen Hager) seems to be the one person he has genuine feelings for.

Realizing what happened in the woods has something to do with the robbery, the once alcoholic hits up an AA meeting to try and keep it together.  He meets George (Jimmy LeBlanc) who is about to lose his family and again, Jim understands. Unfortunately, he has other problems and runs back to the woods to get what the robbers left behind and hides it.

But, someone wants it back! Ray (Mark Sivertsen), Skip (Brian Duffy), Frank (Ace Gibson), and Jason (Rayn Homchick) are hot on trail figuring out that Jim knows something. That’s when the cat and mouse hunt begins. The problem is the robbers have no idea who they are dealing with.

They do not know that age is only a number because wits are forever!

Berenger as Jim is an aged man with so many bricks on his shoulder. Living a solitary life, he keeps as far from people as possible, except for Debbie who he has a fondness for. Berenger isn’t new to the wilderness as LAST OF THE DOGMEN is still on my top ten list of favorite films and it is because of the character Berenger portrays. In this film he gives me more of that cleverness as if being older means smarts go out the window.

Hager as Debbie is a woman who just wants to know there is more in the world than where she is now. Working hard and keeping the fund to stay alive isn’t exactly what she planned for her life, but then no one ever does. Jim understands her feelings of being trapped.

Skip as Duffy is a man you do not want to meet in a dark alley, unless Jim is standing right next to you. He wants what he wants, and he’ll stop at nothing to get it. Sivertsen as his son Ray is trying to keep up with what hi father wants but there is a frightening rage to deal with.

Other cast include Caroline Portu as Kathy Williams, Erica McDermott as Jane, and Melissa McKeekin as Cas.

Screen Media is an international distributor of television series and films, licensing content through theatrical, home video, pay-per-view, free, cable and pay television, and subscription and advertising video-on-demand platforms. The company is continually looking to add films and television series to its content library.

The Bluray Bonus Materials include Surviving Blood and Money – Behind the Scenes Interviews with Filmmakers and Tom Berenger.

BLOOD AND MONEY is a film for those who like twists, turns and a chase that is not with a fast car! This plot is deliberate and give Berenger the time to make sure that he gets exactly what his character wants. A way to redeem himself.

Berenger gives a high five to a man riddled with guilt and yet proves that criminals with high powered rifles know more about the wilderness than he does. For a moment (being indoors so long) it is a thrill to see the vastness of the world he lives in with trees and snow. Jim says, ‘look at all this’ and then bad guys ruin it for us all. Trust me, we all know about bad guys ruining things for us!

So, sit back and let the story unfold.

In the end – he is ready for this!



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