A Dog’s Courage (A Dog’s Way Home Book 2)

W. Bruce Cameron

Forge Pub

May 4th, 2021

A Dog’s Courage by W. Bruce Cameron is a gripping sequel to A Dog’s Way Home. In both books the dog, Bella, becomes lost and must find her way back to her human family. She struggles to survive in the same manner as the animals in the classic book Homeward Bound. Anyone who has a dog will appreciate how the author has people seeing the world through a dog’s eyes, putting words for their feeling and thoughts.

“I thought about some of the classic books. I never want to write a book like Old Yeller.  I was so angry at my dad for letting me read this book.  When I set out to write the first book in the series, I reread The Incredible Journey.  It felt like a slow read that had a checklist of species living in the areas.  It was influential in that it road-mapped for me the wrong approach.” 

This book begins with a weekend camping trip taken by Bella and her human companions, Lucas, and Olivia. But it becomes a harrowing struggle to survive when the Rocky Mountains are engulfed by a horrific wildfire. Unexpectedly, Bella finds herself separated from her humans, but reunited with old friends.

“When I was in Colorado researching, a huge fire started called the “Cameron Camp Fire,” that had nothing to do with me.  It was out of control, affecting the air, terrain, and the animals.  This confirmed to me what I wrote in the book was correct.  Reality encroached into the writing of this book.”

Big Kitten, and her two cubs, Girl Kitten and Boy Kitten, form a pack with Bella to survive.  Bella became friends with Big Kitten in the previous book and is now an “aunt” to Girl Kitten and Boy Kitten. They are cooperating toward a common goal of staying safe and helping Bella “Go Home.” 

This story is heartwarming, exciting, and adventurous.  It explores the meaning of family and loyalty. Taking a journey with Bella readers will be on the edge of their seats.



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