Blink of an Eye (Kendra Michaels Book 8)

Iris and Roy Johansen

Grand Central Publishing

Feb 2nd, 2021

Blink of an Eye by Iris and Roy Johansen brings back the wonderful character Kendra Michaels.  It is fun to read how the authors display her deductive skills to find information others over-look. She is perceptive, astute, insightful, detail-oriented and can assess a crime scene meticulously.

The story has mega pop star Delilah Winter kidnapped after performing at the Hollywood Bowl. In attendance were Kendra and her friend Jessie Mercado, the singer’s former bodyguard and a military hero, now a private investigator. They are friends with Delilah and are devastated that she went missing without a clue. They, along with FBI Agent Nate Kellard and Delilah’s former boyfriend billionaire Noah Calderon, investigate her disappearance.  Calderon agrees to provide the $20 million dollar ransom, while Department of Justice black ops expert Adam Lynch, who has a complicated relationship with Kendra, is chosen to deliver it. Because directions were not followed, the kidnappers abort the delivery. They then make a new demand, upping the ransom by $5 million and wanting Jessie to deliver it. They chose Jessie for an alternative motive, able to kidnap her as well. Now Kendra, Lynch, the FBI, and the police are running out of time to find the two kidnapped victims. Tensions rise as the kidnapped lives are at stake.

This is very much a relationship story.  The authors noted, “Jessie helped to ground Delilah.  Very caring and always had Dee’s best interest at heart. Very tough, fiercely loyal, reasonable, and persuasive.  She has many experiences including being a war hero in Afghanistan and participated in a physical game show.  Her vast experiences made her the person she is. They have more of an emotional relationship.  Jessie thinks of Dee as her kid sister.”

Regarding Kendra’s relationships. “She bonded with Jessie. They got to know each other in a professional arena.  There is this mutual respect for each other, especially after they went to Afghanistan together. Olivia has been her childhood friend. After Kendra got her sight and Olivia did not there was a little tension. But Olivia was generally happy for Kendra, she just wanted her sight back as well. Kendra goes to Olivia when hurt or needs healing. The romantic relationship in Kendra’s life is with Adam Lynch. She likes Lynch a lot.  We want to make sure every minute they are together is interesting. They have mutual respect, admiration, mental stimulation, and of course good sex.”

This is an action-packed suspenseful story.  It has just the right amount of mystery, character banter, and intrigue.



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