Body Of Evidence

Book 3 of Triple Threat Series

Irene Hannon

Revell Pub

October 4th, 2022

Body of Evidence by Irene Hannon, as with her other suspense books, has strong women with high morals.  They find themselves in dangerous situations where they step up to the plate showing courage, perseverance, intelligence, integrity, and determination. Although this is the last of the series readers are still able to enjoy the banter between the sisters.

The youngest of the three sisters is Forensic pathologist Grace Reilly, who works in rural Missouri. She notices a curious pattern in autopsies of elderly residents. On the surface, their demise appears to be natural, but Grace suspects that there is something else going on as the bodies pile up.  Although she takes her suspicions of foul play to Sherriff Nate Cox, he is skeptical about the link she has found. But he is willing to start an investigation, especially after she has been threatened with weird notes and her car damaged. Because of these incidents Nate comes around to Grace’s way of thinking realizing that someone is going to great lengths to stop the investigation. As they search for the person involved, they develop feelings for each other. They must find the killer before Grace becomes one of the victims.

“Of the three sisters Grace is the most romantic at heart. Her sisters say she picked the wrong profession because she must handle dead people. They are always kidding her.  Unlike the other two sisters she is not in the line of fire and is less adventurous. Grace is very kind, committed, and savvy. Overall, she is calm, thorough, curious, honest, driven, and determined. While, Nate has a military background as a Green Beret, which affects how he looks on the world. He is very committed to justice.  Nate feels guilty about what happened.  Overall, he is professional, diligent, detail oriented, has integrity, and compassionate.” 

This is an exciting mystery. The story has fun loving sisters, great dialogue, and an interesting plot.



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