Bold Fortune

The Fortunes of Lost Lake Series Book 1

M. M. Crane

Berkley Pub

Dec 28th, 2021

Bold Fortune by M. M. Crane aka Megan Crane brings to life an “opposites attract” story within an Alaskan setting. The plot has action, intensity, and emotion. The best part is the banter between the characters.

The plot begins with an Internet boyfriend stealing Violet Parrish’s research and reputation. She realizes she must do something to keep her job. She offers to convert the small-town of Lost Lake Alaska into a trust to protect the land and make the old mine there a historical landmark. But she must convince Quinn Fortune, the representative and protector of the land to go along with her plan. After arriving in this bush wilderness, she accepts Quinn’s challenge that he will discuss her proposal if she spends time in the Alaskan wilderness. No matter what he throws at her, Violet keeps derailing his plans and shows she is up to the challenge. 

“This is a very different Alaska than what I wrote about in the Alaskan Force series, the coastal region.  Here in the interior, there is winter for ten months, not much daylight, very quiet.  I found out during winter is when this part of the state opens.  Since there are no roads in the winter, after the snow falls, people use their snowmobile. They do not think of the snow as an impediment but as something that allows them to connect.  I even put tidbits I found out.  For instance, no one should eat the snow, but must let it melt. It is all about the expanding of calories and dehydrating. To get here people need to fly or find a way with the river.”  

Violet is a strong female character.  She is fierce, smart, independent, determined, and enthusiastic.  But she also drives Quinn crazy with an over-the-top love of pink.  Quinn is a mountain man who believes in the rugged frontier and on the outside has a rugged grumpy and gruff attitude. Together they realize that there is a mutual attraction. 

“She gets him to open.  He finds her fascinating especially since she steps up to his challenges. They complement each other’s feelings.  Violet is not intimidated by him. He has a marshmallow center and ends up falling for her.”

This is a wonderful adventure story that has romance, and great banter between the characters. Although not a suspenseful romance as in her previous books, this one has plenty of action.  



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