Eve Duncan Book 29

Iris Johansen

Grand Central Publishing

September 6th, 2022

Captive by Iris Johansen focuses on Eve Duncan’s daughter Jane MacGuire and her love interest Seth Caleb.  Although it is billed as an Eve Duncan book, for the most part Eve is MIA with Jane and Seth taking center stage.  

“In this book Eve was not present a lot, but in my next jungle book, Eve will be paramount. Sometimes I just cannot always have Eve front and center.  I do not want to just stick a main character in the story because I end up losing the plotline.  But The Survivor, out next fall, will have Eve and company.” 

Jane is staying in Scotland under the watchful eyes of Earl John MacDuff, while Seth is doing undercover work for the MI6 intelligence service.  Unfortunately, while working in the Congo Seth incurs the wrath of crime lord Hugh Bohdan who decides to get even by going after Jane. On the run, Jane discovers a 200-year-old secret that has something to do with a treasure. 

As Jane and Seth try to stay one step ahead of Bohdan both their personalities come out. Seth is extremely protective of Jane who is strong-willed, feisty, and is not one to listen when told what to do. 

“The idea just came to me.  I was looking for a story with Jane and Seth, something a little bit different.  What I wanted to show is how this couple and another couple were “captives” in some way. Something happens to Jane that makes the story and relationship very special.” 

This book has a thrilling ending.  But the ending also shows how Jane and Seth have a life that will change and never be the same.  



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