Caught By the Cowboy Dad

The Mountain Monroes Book 8

Melinda Curtis

Harlequin Pub

June 29th 2021

Caught By the Cowboy Dad by Melinda Curtis shows why she is the best at writing relationship stories. Readers take a journey with the characters as they struggle through their feelings and must decide if second chances really exist.  

The plot has Holden Monroe coming to grips with his seventeen-year-old son Devin leaving for college, an ex-girlfriend, Dr. Bernadette Carlisle, expecting his baby, and having to deal with his financial losses.  All of these have caused anxiety that has manifested itself in what looked like a heart attack but was a panic attack.

“I wanted to show how it can have people unfocused, not able to concentrate, and feel like something is pressing on your chest. It happened to me when everything in my family’s life changed.  We were going to sell our house in California and be closer to our children in Oregon.  Covid hit as we were listing our house.  I can relate to being about to multi-task and having chest pressure because of all these life changes.  It was extremely stressful.”  

Although not wanting to make his anxiety worse, Bernadette realizes that she and Holden must talk about how the baby will be raised.  She decides to accept what she perceives as an invitation to take a road trip with Holden and Devin.  Readers will enjoy the banter between all three.  Holden wants to be a “obligation” dad, Bernadette wants a custody agreement, and Devin wants to see the two get together.  

“I set up the romance for this story in book three or four.  Holden was the silver fox hero, thirty-eight years old. My husband just had a heart attack, so I thought to give Holden a wake-up call. I was reading about those in their thirties, some police and military people who had a heart attack in their thirties. Harlequin wanted me to not give him a true heart attack, so I gave Holden anxiety with panic attacks. Holden should have been born a Yuppie.  Now people are not as accepting of wealth and success. He had a big shift because he had to feel more relaxed and comfortable in his own skin.  He is proud, strong, stubborn, and wants to be manly.  Pride was a huge factor because he must admit to everyone, he lost all this money.  Holden is into himself.” 

Being a strong, independent woman, Bernadette knows what she wants, and will accept nothing less from this stubborn man who is not at the top of his game. She is also a successful OB/GYN practice in Ketchum which she is trying to sell to become Second Chance’s doctor, where Holden is situated. She refuses to accept Holden’s marriage proposals because it is obvious it does not include love. 

“She is curious and wants to be a country doctor because she will be a single mom, thinking about her priorities.  She is comfortable within herself. She is a doctor I would love to have, compassionate and a great listener.  She is a straight-talker, sarcastic where Holden is concerned, but also honest, warm, and very smart.” 

Melinda uses humor, emotion, and life’s challenges to write realistic plots and characters.



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