Iris Johansen

Grand Central Pub

Sept 1st, 2020

Chaos by Iris Johansen is a stand-alone book.  Known for her action, drama, and compelling characters Johansen has done it again.  This novel introduces CIA agent Alisa Flynn and a mercenary type Gabe Korgan who have a love-hate relationship.

“I have not decided yet if I will write a series.  I wrote this because I wanted something different and fresh.  I had Margaret, the animal whisperer, in the story as a secondary character.  A lot of times I bring her in because she has a place in the story.” 

The book opens with schoolgirls in Africa kidnapped and horses stolen by Jorge Masenak.  Among those taken is Alisa’s “adopted little sister,” Sasha.   Fearing for her and the others lives Alisa decides to write her own rules.  She breaks into Gabe Korgan’s estate hoping to recruit him to help in the rescue considering he has the financial means and high-tech weaponry.  Knowing they could use further assistance they get Margaret Douglas, known as the animal whisperer, to help along with John Gilroy, an Indiana Jones type of personality. They know they need to lay a well-thought-out trap to rescue the girls and the horses and catch the evildoers.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to communicate with our pets like Sasha and Margaret.  Animals are so full of love and people are lucky to have them.  I am a horse person.  I love horses.  My other place had horses, buffalo, and always 12 to 13 dogs, even cat houses.  I love to stroke and talk to my animals.”

“I wrote the relationship between Alisha and Gabe with a lot of passion and lust, but also respected each other.  I think they are meant to be together even though Alisha has a problem with it.  They both want to manipulate and control each other and when they cannot they get angry and frustrated.  It is a complicated relationship, but enriches both of them. Alisha is difficult, intense, a wonderful foil for the hero.  She is also fierce, brilliant, innovative, and stubborn. Gabe is a genius, tough, intense, caring, and a good communicator.  I could go on and on about him.”

This is a story that will keep readers turning the pages.  Hopefully this will be the first in a new series for Johansen.



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