Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) has always stood up for justice.  He has written a pamphlet book, Countdown to Socialism in the style of what Thomas Paine had distributed preceding the Revolutionary War. In the late eighteenth century, pamphlets electrified the colonies and helped to forge American democracy, ringing the alarm for what was wrong and what needed to be done. NowCongressman Nunes is warning Americans that something needs to be done before this country loses its morals and values.  

In Chapter One, he wrote, “the Left has wholly rejected the fundamental principles that bound Americans together and allowed us to work out our differences democratically and peacefully. They now reject free speech, a fair voting system, private property, and the rule of law. They don’t dare yet admit it publicly, but as you’ll see in this book, their policies and rhetoric are incompatible with any of these principles as we understand them today.”

He explained in the book, “Socialist regimes tend to excel at propaganda. By necessity socialism is a resentful ideology that exploits and widens class conflict, racial strife, and other social cleavages, pitting countrymen against one another. Their proposals have one thing in common: they will increase the Democrats’ vote count. At both the state and national levels, they are working hard to fundamentally change the voting system by abolishing the Electoral College, greatly expanding mail-in voting, enfranchising felons, legalizing vote harvesting, lowering the voting age, and allowing current non-citizens to vote through mass amnesties and other means,” not to mention packing the Supreme Court by expanding it.

Chapter Two “Collusion Delusion” outlines how the investigation into Russian collusion attempts to influence the election. It really is Chinese collusion done by the Bidens.  The news media and social media used cancel culture to make sure nothing was reported.  It is only now, one month after the election that some Americans are hearing for the first time about an email from 2017 that reveals how Hunter Biden referred to both his father, Joe Biden and his Chinese business partner, as well as his stepmother and uncle as “office mates” at his former office building in Washington D.C. and asked keys to be made for them. In addition, there is a probe into Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings, including with CEFC. The company is out of business now, but at the time, it was China’s fourth-largest energy company.

Nunes noted, “The investigation should have been going on for years.  What is really scary is that the FBI had the information and did nothing; it was a cover-up.  At the time President Trump was being impeached for collusion, it was actually something Joe Biden actually did. The FBI were sitting on smoking gun after smoking gun after smoking gun.  The Democratic machine has been infiltrated by Chinese spies.  How deep does this go?”  

He has a good point.  Remember that in 2018 it was reported how Senator Feinstein’s driver for twenty years was a Chinese spy. Recently, information has come out how Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) was having an affair with a Chinese spy.  He was appointed by Nancy Pelosi to the prestigious Intelligence Committee even though he did not have much seniority.  Swalwell is the same person who accused both Congressman Nunes and President Trump of colluding with Russia.  

The false charges and accusations against Nunes are brought to light in Chapter Three, titled “The Fake News Complex.” Just last week it was reported that he had coronavirus.  “I took this antibody test a few weeks ago and tested positive for the antibodies.  Since the doctor said I had a good blood level I decided to raise awareness in my district.  Politico reported falsely that I tested positive for Covid and it went viral.  There were really vicious comments on social media.  Here I was trying to do some good because there is a shortage of blood and blood plasma right now.  The rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated.”

Chapter Four examines “The Disinformation Funnel” where social media, specifically Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, function as the Left’s message distribution centers. “I am hoping that Republicans realize how hard it is to reach constituents.  I wish other Republicans followed my lead back in June and had move to Parler, an unbiased social media. Americans should recognize that Twitter and Facebook have a high level of censorship and this is really dangerous.  We are really in unchartered territory because there is a media that is 95% controlled by the Left, including traditional independent sites that are center left at best.  This is really scary stuff. All Republicans have is Parler, Rumble, Newsmax, and OAN as well as a handful of decent investigative reporters,” such as Sharyl Attkisson who recently wrote the book Slanted.

Furthermore, he wants to make sure, “people know, the three big companies Google, Facebook, and Twitter are manipulating what you see, and cutting off access to what you see. They’re censoring conservatives and promoting left-wing content. They’re blatant about it. They do this by blocking out or putting so far down the search results you never find what you really need to know. On Facebook and YouTube, they can outright ban you, make you unsearchable, or take away your advertising revenue just to name a few.”

He used his own podcast as an example. He said when it first published on YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, he was getting thousands of views. Now, he said, “the views for most of the recent episodes are in the hundreds despite his nearly 8,000 subscribers. The podcast is also buried deep in search results on Google or YouTube, yet a search on Rumble, a competitor to YouTube, comes up with his podcast right away.”

The last chapter uses California as an example of “Information Desert,” where the left took power and is destroying the state. “Here in California the combination of brainwashed people educated by the universities along with those who don’t pay attention are in an information desert.  Just look at what Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom said about the fires here.  They claimed they were due to climate change.  But the fires were actually caused by something President Clinton did twenty years ago. At the time, forestry experts, sawmill owners, and residents said, ‘if the land is not harvested it will all burn down.’  Anyone with a little common sense should realize plants grow, dry out, and with the hot weather becomes fuel-like.  If it is not harvested or grazed it burns. The people going around wearing masks are protection from ash, not Covid, because everyone in my district was breathing in ash. In California there is one party rule that is basically gaining the system.” Because of that, people might want to support the recall against California Gov. Newsom. (

He concluded “When the Democrats say they’re going to transform America, we should take them at their word. That’s how high the stakes are. We’re fighting for our home, our country. I think Republicans need to avoid most news outlets.  Instead, we need to develop a media infrastructure and build up a communication system.  Why talk to the media and given them credibility when it is 95% biased towards the Democrats? The only reason to be on Facebook or Twitter is to point out their corruption and then tell supporters to follow on Parler or Rumble.” He should have included FOX News, which appears to no longer be fair and balanced.

People should read this and think how they are no longer getting both sides of a story.  Censorship and cancel culture only happen to Republicans.  Congressman Nunes shows how the mainstream media, social media, and the Democratic Party conspire to limit conservative points of view.



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