Deadly Target

Rocky Mountain Courage Book 2

Elizabeth Goddard

Revell Pub

Nov 2nd, 2021

Deadly Target by Elizabeth Goddard has a suspenseful mystery with a sweet romance. This is the second book in the Rocky Mountain Courage Series. Each book highlights the life of three childhood friends with this one featuring criminal psychologist Erin Larson. 

After barely surviving a kayaking incident Erin Larson receives a call from her former boyfriend that her mother attempted suicide.  Dropping everything, she travels to Montana to take care of her mother, bringing her current career to a halt.  She comes face to face with Nathan Campbell, a search and rescue climber and diver, who feels betrayed by her after she walks out the relationship.  He is also feeling betrayed by his estranged father who has also come back into his life.

The main characters have some issues to overcome.  “Nathan is a good guy but has many disappointments in his life.  He tries to take a bad situation and look for a silver lining.  Because he was estranged from his father, he has daddy issues he is trying to work through.  Overall, he is supportive, caring, and protection. Erin is a dark character with a dark cloud hanging over her.  She went into criminal psychology to understand the criminal mind.  She has suffered from loss and pain and wants answers.  Erin is broken with inner demons but is also a survivor, determined, and analytical.  Another layer to her personality is being supportive of the police which is why she said, “Cops.  They protect the rest of us from the ugliest crimes, the evil we don’t want to know exists.”

Unfortunately, their reunion is short lived.  Trying to bond on a fishing expedition, Nathan’s father tells him about a cold case investigation he is working on his own. As he is talking someone shoots him in the head, rendering him unconscious.  Because Nathan wants answers, he begins his own investigation into the shooting and cold case.  Knowing that Erin has a podcast dealing with cold cases of missing children Nathan turns to her for help.  She and Nathan begin to work together to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together, and soon they find themselves caught in the target sights of someone who is trying to kill them.  They also must come to grips with secrets of their past, feelings that the old flame is burning again. 

“The Cold Case podcast adds a whole new layer.  I listened to crime podcasts to get a feel.  One brought me to tears and it took me days to get over it.  I wanted to have an accurate portrayal of crime and the evils in this world.  I hope readers feel what the family is going through.  In her own life, Erin wants answers and to provide closure for herself and others.  She is trying to understand why people commit crimes.”

This plot is fast paced with many twists and turns. There are a wide range of suspicious characters who could be the culprit.  The story highlights hope, faith, and trust. 



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