Deadly Vegas Escapade

Honor Bound Series Book 7

Anna Stewart

Harlequin Pub

Sept 2023

Deadly Vegas Escapade by Anna Stewart is a great suspenseful whodunit tinged with romance. What makes the story interesting is how Stewart shows the good side and the bad side to those serving.  The hero is of course a military man, but as with some in the military there are those who sell their souls for money. 

“I made the heroine’s profession someone in water rescue because I wanted my heroine with these as a fun challenge. The fear is based on having no control. She came on the page in book 2 of this series, being a part of the emergency water rescue team who recovered a body.  People who do it for a living get used to going into freezing water and controlling their physical reaction.” 

The plot begins with a car chase where Army Intelligence officer Riordan Malloy is forced off the road and into a freezing river.  Luckily for him Darcy Ford, a member of the local water rescue team as well as a swim instructor, sees someone drowning in the river.  She plunges in and saves him.  Realizing he has no memory of his identity she allows him to recover in her apartment.  There she and her friends find that he is wanted for murdering a military buddy.  They team up to figure out if he is being used as a scapegoat and who is targeting him.  

“I wrote Riordan to be an interesting character. He cannot remember exactly who he is, instead living on his instincts. Riordan is honorable, determined, and protective. But he is also intense, strong, considerate, an alpha male who can be stubborn. He is on a journey of discovery as his memory comes back. I like exploring the aspect that even though his memory is lost his instincts are still there.”

The heroine, Darcy, was introduced in a previous book of the series. She is quirky, loyal, entertaining, sometimes inappropriate with little to no filter.  She likes to jump in and help. She is also adaptable, charming, with a sense of humor.  She does not care what anyone else thinks about her. Darcy goes with the flow.”

The twists and turns will keep readers guessing throughout the story.  This is an action-packed story where the characters come to life.



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