Death By The Finish Line

Abby McCree Mystery Book 5

Alexis Morgan

Kensington Pub

Dec 28th, 2021

Death By the Finish Line by Alexis Morgan is a cozy mystery.  Its characters include former military with a female heroine deciding to stay in the community of the small town in Seattle, Snow Berry Creek.

The main character Abby McCree has been roped into helping with a 5K charity race on Founder’s Day. Her partner, Gil, has a motorcycle repair and customization shop, but he was in the military and has great organizational skills. Everything seems to be going fine on race day until there are a few stragglers who are not accounted for. One man in the race is found dead in the woods. The main suspect is Gary, Gil’s brother. Abby doesn’t believe Gary killed DiSalvo and decides to input herself into the investigation.

Each character enhances the story.  Gil spent years in the Navy, a hard-working guy.  He is very close to his brother.  He does a lot of volunteer work with the Veteran’s group.  He is kind of a mixed bag.  When you see him, Gil is wearing biker boots, biker leather, and a ponytail, appearing a bit rough.  But he is a marshmallow inside. I like Abby having friends in all walks of life. Tripp is a lot like Gil. Both were in the military, Tripp spending twenty years in Army Special Forces. They share a common link with serving their country and taking pride in it. They both do volunteer work with the Veteran’s group. Gil and Tripp made a transition into civilian life. 

Abby is starting over at the beginning of the series. After inheriting her great aunt’s house, she moves there.  Her late aunt’s friends convince her she is needed on the quilting guild.  It is their way of helping her to start new connections and put down some roots in the town. This is important to her. She is deciding if she wants to continue her business or do something else. I choose to have the readers get to know the community in Snowberry Creek by having her meet people in all walks of life, the police chief, the pastor, the biker, the bar owner, and the coffee shop owner. She is curious, stubborn at times, helpful, and resourceful. She takes on all kinds of projects and sees them through.  She has a caring heart, wanting to protect the innocent and find justice to get people treated fairly.

The next book, titled Death by Arts and Crafts has Abby recruited by the City Council for an Arts and Crafts Fair.  She takes a road trip to meet up with some of the vendors and one of them is murdered.  It will be out in December of this year.



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