Don’t Look Now

Mary Burton

Montlake Pub

Sept 28th, 2021

Don’t Look Now by Mary Burton shows how each story gets better with every book.  There is a lot of suspense and detective work with a tinge of romance.  The plot has sexual assault, drug addiction, and graphic scenes of battery along with sibling love.  

The plot opens with a serial killer suffocating small blonde females who were drug addicts, by wrapping them in plastic sheeting. Austin homicide detective Jordan Poe fears this is the same man who assaulted her sister Avery two years ago.  Because the investigation stalls while the victims mount up, Texas Ranger Carter Spencer is brought onto the case. He butts heads with Jordan, who refuses to step away from the case.  

Unfortunately, she suffers a blow to her head and is left with impaired vision after trying to save the killer’s next victim.  Now she must come to grips with her daily life, career, and future changed.  She realizes she must overcome this along with other things she had to cope with as a child.  Having a mother with substance abuse, Jordan had to take care of herself, her mother, and her younger sister.  After their mother died, she had to deal with a sister who handled the grief by descending into drug abuse.  Thankfully, Avery has been clean and sober for two years because now she must be the eyes and strength for Jordan.

I think the relationship defines him.  He became the anchor for Jordan with his steadiness.  He is loyal, protective, and a straight talker.  At first, they found common ground because both do not like to play politics.  Right now, he wants more from the relationship then she is willing to offer because she is still struggling with her handicap. Jordan needs to accept that Avery has grown up.  Now Avery realizes she has more power to help Jordan and can take care of her.  They have each other’s back.” 

Although Jordan is hard-working and tenacious, she is stubborn and resentful about her condition. But she is also determined to continue working the case despite the impairment. Understanding that Jordan needs a distraction, Texas Ranger Carter Spencer allows her to continue working the case with him. They have a good chemistry between them and form a friend with benefits relationship.  Their goal is to capture the killer before there is another victim.

“In the beginning Jordan did not want to adjust to the blindness. It became a learning curve for her.  At first, she did not want a cane but gradually accepted it because she is pragmatic and eventually realizes she must move on.  She went through a lot of emotions including mourning, loss, grief, fear, denial, depression, anger, and finally acceptance. Very tenacious and protective of her sister.  Family is very important to her.  She is smart, ambitious, savvy, seeks justice, impatient, caring, and fearless.  After her accident she wants to gain back her independence and is determined to do so.  If this becomes a series, she might get a seeing eye dog. She will only be able to see shadows. Technology can help. There is this sonar training where the blind can be taught to be attuned to sound.  They can hear gaps within buildings.”

Once again Mary Burton does not disappoint.  It is more of a cat and mouse game because some readers might guess the killer, but the emphasis is on how he will be caught. The story is fast paced with non-stop action involving mystery, drama, strong family ties, and a light romance.  In fact, if readers want these characters as part of a series with more books email her at



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