From The Shadows (Buckhorn Montana Book 2)

B. J. Daniels

Feb 23rd, 2021


From The Shadows by B. J. Daniels is the second book in the Buckhorn Montana series.  As usual, readers will always have Montana play a role in the stories.

“I am writing a seven-book series that will all be set in the small town of Buckhorn Montana.  The series reflects the goings on of a small town.  Small towns were dying but it seems that are making a comeback because of all the changes.  This is happening here in Montana where people are buying up land like crazy to get out of the big city.”

“I describe Buckhorn similar to the small town I live in.  It is in the middle of nowhere and is one of those places people drive through and hardly notice.  Except during the summertime when tourists come through.  They want to buy Montana things like muck boots and cowboy hats.  It has the Montana flavor the big cities do not have any more.  People are moving to the small town to get that community feeling that is not in the big city.”

The plot has reunion invitations sent to former employees of this picturesque hotel. Rumors have it that the Crenshaw Hotel is haunted by those who were killed while staying there or working there. An attractive rich girl was Megan Broadhurst. Now Casey, the granddaughter of the proprietor who died a year earlier, has returned to find some answers.  She is helped by Finn James, a technology business owner that has secretly taken on the task of finding Megan’s killer. They work together to solve this mystery.

“I had Casey as someone scared of her past but forced to face it.  She wanted to put everything behind her.  She was an outcast.  The hero, Finn, is being very helpful and is very smart.”

Readers will look forward to the next installment in this series.  Daniels has many books coming out in the next few months including Trouble At Big Timber, coming out in May, Cold Case Cargo Ranch coming out in July, and the next Buckhorn book, At The Crosswords coming out in November.  The one coming out at the end of the year promises to have a lot of action as the plot has a bank robbery gone bad and hostages taken.



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