Gone For Gouda

Cheese Shop Mystery Book 2

Korina Moss

St. Martin’s Paperbacks

Sept 27th, 2022

Gone For Gouda by Korina Moss is the second installment in her cheese shop mysteries.  As with the first book, readers are treated to a riveting cozy mystery and great banter between the characters.

“I wanted to write about an event and discover what would happen if something went wrong.  I saw this article on Vegan cheese, which feels to me like an oxymoron.  Vegan and cheese do not go to together. I wanted to make sure it has Fall occasions like the scarecrow contest, fall foods, and the fall festival because it takes place in October.”

In this story I used Obatzd cheese, which is German, a different take on the American beer cheese. It is combination of cheeses so that they would not waste any cheese. They used old cheeses with a bunch of spices to make it taste good. It is still expensive. I like writing the origins of the cheese and its background.”

The French-inspired cheese shop is playing host to celebrity vegan chef Phoebe Winston. But when photos surface that prove this vegan influencer is, in fact, a carnivore, things crumble. Phoebe is murdered. Willa’s employee, the affable Archie, was the last one to see Phoebe alive and the first person the police suspect. To clear his name Willa must uncover who’s been up to no gouda.

“Phoebe, the victim, became famous from a reality show.  She did anything to win. I do not think she is a nice person. She tried to reinvent herself showing more kindness as well as being an influencer, changing her image.  She uses her beauty to get her way, is dishonest, self-centered, a snob, intimidating, demanding, and competitive.”

This story will put a smile on people’s faces and make their taste buds salivate for the cheese.  There are plenty of plausible suspects with twists and turns. The town’s returning characters are fun and diverse, with interesting back stories.



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