His Texas Runaway Bride

Stop the Wedding Book 6

Amy Vastine

Harlequin Pub

July 25th, 2023

His Texas Runaway Bride by Amy Vastine is the last in the “Stop the Wedding Series.” It seems the author saved the best for the last. 

This story opens with the heroine, Willow Sanderson, about to walk down the alter when she realizes she does not want to be a Dallas trophy wife. She leaves and flees to the small town of Maple Grove Texas where she lucks out and finds a job as the nanny to the sheriff’s four-year-old son, Camden. She makes friends easily and is attracted to Sheriff Bryce Koller.  

“Willow always did what is expected. Not a complainer.  Thoughtful, dainty, calm, inquisitive, passionate, and positive. She grew up to be expected to be a people pleaser.  She is hiding because she does not want to face the music of having a lot of people upset with her.  Her fiancé and parents never asked her how she felt and seemed to not respect her.  Her parents are domineering, dictating, demanding, and controlling. She never stood up for herself.  She was always compliant, giving off the impression that her parents were doing nothing wrong. They were always judgmental.”

Bryce is the opposite of her fiancé. He is kind, protective, gentle, respectful, charming, and funny. He is a nervous dad.  He is doing both the mom and dad stuff, which is very overwhelming.”

Willow becomes suspicious as to why Camden is always thirsty, has tingling in his fingers, and is told he has lost some weight.  At first, her suspicions and recommendation that Camden be tested for diabetes is resisted by Bryce.  But with her insistence they go to the pediatrician where the diagnosis is confirmed. The three of them fall into a routine where each care for the other. 

“My dad and grandfather had diabetes. It could be something that a parent might not realize. But a medical professional might connect the dots.  I wanted to put in the symptoms one could look for and there are a lot of ways to monitor it.  I work at a school with middle schoolers and there are children with built in monitors into their arms. What my dad hated the most is getting pricked in the finger. So, I allowed Camden to have a better quality of life with the monitor, and Willow being a pediatric nurse was able to use her professional skills.”

Readers are spellbound, wondering will Willow go back to her fiancé or will she stay and become a family with Bryce and Camden.  This is a very heartwarming book where the characters come alive.



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