K-9 Cold Case (K-9 Alaska Novel Book 3)

Elizabeth Heiter

March 30th, 2021

Harlequin Intrigue Pub

K-9 Cold Case by Elizabeth Heiter is one of her best books yet. Her hero has a unique law enforcement specialty; he does not carry any guns.  It is the heroine who puts herself in dangerous situations. 

“I have written law enforcement characters because it is easy to get them involved in the crime.  I was intrigued by this profession because they are not investigators and do not carry weapons.  They just help victims.  They show up at a mass casualty event to help people on the scene and stay with them.  They also help people navigate the criminal justice system.  I thought this would bring a different kind of perspective especially since Jax did not carry a weapon. I wanted Keara to have a profession where she did carry a weapon.  She ran into danger.  I love the scene in the book that reflects this.  I had the antagonist shooting at Jax and his dog.  Keara ran to where the shots were being fired even as Jax waved for her to turn back.  She told him to head to safety, which he and Patches did.  But she was not deterred and tried to find the shooter and stop him.”

The story literally opens with a bang when a bomb goes off in a small Alaskan town. Then, another bombing seems to be connected to a Cold Case, one that involved the murder of the heroine’s husband.  At each bombing, an FBI Victim Specialist, Jax Diallo, and his canine partner, Patches, encounters the Chief of Police, for Desparre Alaska, Keara Hernandez. They decide to work together to find who the bomber is and if there a connection with her late husband’s murderer, a case that has haunted Keara for years.

“Keara is confidant, well respected, and takes command. She is a risk-taker, a loner by choice, loyal, and likes to be in control.  She is also serious, calm, and action oriented. Jax is very intelligent, sensitive, outgoing, supportive, observant, and analytical. Their relationship has a good balance.  They really mesh and have the same outlooks on life.  What held them apart was Jax’s feeling they lived to far apart and Keara’s feelings of guilt over not finding her husband’s killer.  She could not move forward until she faced her past.  While Patches, the canine, is a Labrador retriever. This breed is the most common dog used by the FBI Victim Specialist team.  She is sensitive, loyal, trusting, and intuitive.  One of my favorite scenes in the book was when an injured man’s daughter was sitting on the floor playing with Patches.”

This story has everything including action scenes, great characters, and some romance.  It has a gripping and intense plot that put readers on the edge of their seats along with the slow burn romance.



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