Last Seen Alone

Laura Griffin

Berkley Pub

Sept 28th, 2021

Last Seen Alone by Laura Griffin brings to life a subject that needs more publicity. Because of cell phones, people, especially women, are vulnerable to revenge porn, which is a form of on-line abuse.  This subject matter is explored within a riveting storyline.

Leigh Larson is a fiercely ambitious lawyer who fights for victims of sexual extortion, harassment, and on-line abuse. She is the victim’s advocate, fighting to get payback for her clients. 

“Her name is pronounced “Lee” not Leigh like Vivian Leigh.  I got the name from a good friend in college.  Leigh is tenacious, outspoken, smart, and knows how to operate in a man’s world.  She is confident, pushy, headstrong, and intuitive. I made her a lawyer because I did not want the hero and heroine to both be law enforcement.”

The story opens with Vanessa Adams buying a gun.  But she realizes someone is following her and runs into the woods.  Her car is found abandoned along with her purse and phone.  After being called in, Detective Brandon Reynolds of the Austin P.D. finds a smear of blood on the passenger seat car door that was left open. Brandon finds a lead when he discovers lawyer Leigh Larson’s business card among Vanessa’s things. It seems Vanessa had hired Leigh just before her disappearance. Faced with bewildering evidence and shocking twists, Leigh and Brandon must work against the clock to chase down a ruthless criminal who is out for vengeance. Leigh suspects that Vanessa may be harassed.  She and Brandon team together to find out what happened to Vanessa.  While doing this they realize they have off the chart chemistry. They grow closer after Brandon’s protective streak comes out when Leigh was attacked.  They are racing against the clock to find Vanessa and to solve the case. 

“Online harassment uses technology for revenge.  The two types of harassment, online and in person, blend together.  A man can stalk a woman but can also interface with her at home with technology.  There is a blurring of the lines. Those who harass like to torment, terrorize, control, and manipulate their victims.  They can be sadistic, intimidating, and threatening.  In this story the victimized woman had to move.  Even if it is online the threats are not less scary and less dangerous.”

The gripping and riveting story puts on-line abuse front and center. The characters are very well developed and readers root for justice to be served.



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