Leading America by Sean Spicer delves into what civility means in America today.  People hear Joe Biden speak all the time of not believing in a red and blue America.  But it is obvious that the real culprits are the Democrats.  After all they never accepted the results of the 2016 election.  And worse there are those like Robert Reich, who has called for a Truth and Reconciliation Committee, whose purpose is to condemn and shun those who supported President Trump. Spicer, the former White House Press Secretary and Communications Director, analyzes in the book the current political situation through the lens of politics and culture.  He makes a good point on how President Trump has put the country back on the right track. 

His first chapter is titled, “The Battle For The Soul of America.”  But Conservatives might question if America still has a soul.  After all, just look at what happened to the Girls Scouts.  They had the “nerve” to congratulate Amy Coney Barrett for becoming a Supreme Court Justice.  The nasty comments received caused that group to take down the tweet.  Spicer noted, “Even her own sorority did the same thing.  They did not even congratulate her, but mentioned she was nominated and had to take it down.  The difference between the right and left is that I might not agree with something, but I will defend someone’s right.  But the left says if you do not do the following you are a bad person.”

Another chapter, “Lights, Camera, Activism” along with the chapter on “Dancing With The Stars,” talks about how an apolitical show became political.  Ignoring his outfits and dancing skills, Americans should be shocked that the left had an all-out campaign to exclude him.  What was his sin? He worked in the Trump Administration. To make the left even angrier President Trump, many Fox pundits, and others tweeted in support of Spicer, which enabled him to make it to the quarter semi-finals. He learned to get out of his comfort zone and “allow some things to roll off my shoulders.  It turned out to be a pleasurable experience, but there were some rough moments.”

Those rough moments had to include the left vilifying him.  There are many quotes to choose from, but one that stands out is by Gia Kourlas, “Watching Mr. Spicer try to wipe away some of his disgrace through dancing hurts. Yet here he is, week after week, using dance as a way to redeem his character.” 

When asked if he thinks he must redeem his character Spicer responded, “They wanted me to make a redemption tour.  I don’t need the support or forgiveness of those on the left.  They somehow believe someone on the right wants or cares about them.  Look at what Don Lemon just said,  “I had to get rid of” friends supporting President Trump “because they’re too far gone,” adding that he would be friends with them again if “they want to live in reality.” The left thinks you want their forgiveness and acceptance.  Conservatives including myself do not care.”

Two chapters, “Tech Tyrants vs. Trump” and “Advocate Newsrooms and Their Team Rules” are extremely relevant today.  Just look at the Hunter Biden coverage. Spicer commented, “How timely is that?  I speak about bias by silence in these chapters.  Its big tech censorship and journalists deciding what to cover or not cover.  Look at how they handled the Steele Dossier which was at best unconfirmed, unverified, and uncollaborated allocations.  No one had a problem running that story.”

He went on to say, “I talk in the book how our Constitution is at stake, the 1st Amendment is at stake.  People are cancelled out for having ideas, presenting information, and using words that the left does not agree with it.  Anyone on the right has everything they say dissected as a means to cancel that person out.  The left does not want fair and balanced.  Once the right recognized how to use social media big tech banned them.  They censored speech and advertising.  Basically, they adjusted the rules to put the right at a disadvantage.  Everyone on the right needs to fight back or the left wins.”

The left just likes to change the rules.  Look no further than what the debate commission did by changing the rules for the second debate.  “People want fairness and normality.  But normal is a bunch of people in Washington DC overlooking the concerns of hard-working Americans and they just benefit the elite.  Biden talks about being a President for everybody, yet he calls Trump supporters chumps.  All the Democrats do is talk about style, not policy.  They never talk about issues.”

Spicer is hoping that after reading the book, people understand what Conservatives are up against.  “Big tech, media, Hollywood, and academia all want institutional change of our society.  This is the essence of the book, to stop that from happening.” 

His prediction is that President Trump will win because of his policies and ground game.  Hopefully, this is the case because four years of Biden will be disastrous.



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