Murder at the Blarney Bash

Beacon Bakeshop Mystery Book 5

Darci Hannah

Kensington Pub

Jan 23rd, 2024

Murder at the Blarney Bash by Darci Hannah is filled with St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans. Readers will be delighted with shamrock sugar cookies, green icing, green beer, and Guinness cupcakes. 

“I decided to write a St. Patrick’s Day mystery, but I am not Irish. I do not drink green beer.  I love Irish lore, leprechauns, which I see as super funny. LOL:  I was inspired for this story by the box of “Lucky Charms.”  I would ask my mom if I was Irish. I wanted to explore the background of the main character’s love interest Rory.  He has this fun-loving and charming Irish uncle. My son gave me this crazy good idea for the story including a child’s leprechaun parade.”

The plot begins with leprechauns, something that the main character, Lindsey’s boyfriend, Rory’s Uncle Finn is obsessed with. He recently relocated with his daughter Colleen and their dog Bailey from Ireland to open a pub and bar, The Blarney Stone. As the characters are celebrating the Irish holiday, in comes Uncle Finn, gleefully revealing a pot of real gold he claims he took from an actual leprechaun. But things go from good to bad when he is arrested for supposedly bludgeoning a small man dressed as a leprechaun with the murder weapon his missing shillelagh. Now everyone in Lindsey’s circle of friends must put their head together to figure out how to prove Uncle Finn’s innocence. 

“I looked at Irish lore. 2000 years ago, when a child had a deformity, they would be left out for the fairies. I also looked through medical journals. In my neighborhood when I was growing up there was this banker who was embezzling.  I used this as to why there would be a murder with a pot of gold. Rory’s uncle had a faith and belief in the old ways and believed he saw a leprechaun. When I was doing the research there is this place in Ireland that claims they have the remains of a real leprechaun. The skeleton has bones of a small person and had worn green clothing. The remains were found with some gold coins.”

Readers get to know a little more about Kennedy, the supporting character and best friend of Lindsey. “Kennedy is now doubting herself, dependable, trustworthy. She is the most polarizing character I write about. She is an influencer, likes to market, and involved in fashion. In the last book, Pumpkin Pageant, she nearly lost her life and does not know what she wants anymore. She is a loose cannon. Right now, she was with a wealthy English man instead of Tuck, the policeman. But he is a liar, thief, shifty, and calculating.  Kennedy was wooed by him and his willingness to supposedly help her business. He would say anything for a business deal. The main character, Lindsey can see through him more than her friend, Kennedy.”

It is such a fun read that will make readers laugh with the antics of the characters. There is also a murder mystery to solve that readers do along with the clues found out by the amateur sleuths. The story is amusing, with an Irish accent and many twists and turns.



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