Pinecraft Refuge

Pinecraft Book 1

Lenora Worth

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March 28th, 2023

Pinecraft Refuge by Lenora Worth allows readers to get to know the real-life community of Pinecraft Florida.  It delves into family values and how family can be a burden and a blessing.  

“I like to write Amish books.  My favorite genre to write is sweet romance, which I have done for over thirty years. The Pinecraft Florida Amish community started out as a camp for Amish men and became a unique community. It progressed to where the wives and children came with them.  Now it has a whole community.  A lot of the Amish up North will come down for the month of January, anytime in the winter.  Some of them decided to stay.”

“A lot of the Amish here are more progressive, wearing flip-flops. I did take liberties since they are living in an urban area, not a rural area. They cannot have horses and buggies, so they use golf carts and bicycles to ride around. They live in cottages or mobile homes. It is a little more laid back than living in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.”

Both the hero and the heroine’s mom have a lot in common.  “Both wanted to cuddle and smother their children, being overprotective and overbearing. The heroine, Eva, is frail, shy, blunt, feels she is a Plain Jane with self-esteem problems. She can be bold, spunky, curious, determined, reckless, a little adventurous. She has been sheltered and protected by her mother.  The doctor helped her get away from her mom by suggesting she visit her aunt in Florida. While the hero’s daughter, Becky, is very free spirited in a very stoic community.  Both can be outgoing and bold. Both had parents who wanted to cuddle and smother them, overprotective and overbearing.  Eva sees herself in Becky.”

The author describes Eva as a sparrow while Tanner is a hawk, using these comparisons since a sparrow is friendly, caring, persistent, productive, hardworking, and vigilant. They are very cooperative and find joy in the little things of life. On the other hand, the hawk holds back and is a solitary bird who can be protective. “The reason I describe Tanner as a hawk is that he is very focused, set in his ways, and cautious. He can become grumpy, anti-social, a brooder, lonely, over-protective of his daughter, and an observer.”

This book is an uplifting inspirational romance. The author likes to use comparisons to birds, which is very appropriate since eventually baby birds must leave the nest and fly on their own.



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