Secret Investigation (Tactical Crime Division Book 2)

Elizabeth Heiter

Harlequin Intrigue Pub.

April 21st, 2020

Secret Investigation by Elizabeth Heiter is the second book in the “Tactical Crime Division Series.” This series is an anthology of books where each author writes about a different character in the TCD.

The opening prologue sets the tone for the rest of the book.  It is very powerful and gripping as it shows how those serving in the military sacrifice their lives to protect Americans.  The plot is a reminder of the early days of the War on Terror in Iraq where Army soldiers and Marines were not provided adequate body armor. In this story, US Army Captain Jessica Carpenter, a single mother of three children, and her unit, died senselessly. As her world went dark, she realized that the body armor did not prevent the bullets form hitting her body.  Thankfully, she was wearing a camera so those back home could realize what went wrong.  

“When I received my story background from the publisher, I knew my hero, Davis, was an Army Ranger, now works for the FBI, and will go undercover in a company.  I took it from there and started thinking how I wanted the plot to tie into his background.  I gave him an investigation where he knew something about the issue and that he also had a personal connection since someone who died was a friend.  I made my heroine the CEO of the company that was to blame for the death of the soldiers.” 

The TCD is assigned the case and the FBI Agent in charge is Davis Rogers who was a friend of Jessica and served as an Army Ranger.  He goes undercover in the company responsible, Petrov Armor, to find out what happened.  Working closely with the young CEO Leila Petrov, who is ruled out as a suspect, they intend to uncover the truth, while risking their own lives. 

I wrote Leila as a young CEO of the company, in her thirties. Many believed she was put in charge because she was the daughter of the company’s owner.  I have this book quote, “Nepotism had a way of opening doors that nothing else could.” It showed who had the power, the importance of family connections, and how people derived power. She felt she always had to prove herself, and feels she is taken less seriously because she is a woman. Leila is independent, determined, competent, and has built a wall up, a professional façade.  She is calm, bold, tough, has a dry sense of humor, and takes responsibility. While Davis is quietly intense, thoughtful, and is influenced by the Ranger motto.  He is very focused, can be a bit cocky and somewhat of a flirt.” 

This is a riveting and realistic story showing how those serving need the protection of not only equipment but Americans as well.  



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