Shadow of Doubt

P.A. DePaul

SBG Novel Book 2

Northfair Publishing

Oct 17th, 2023

Shadow of Doubt by P. A. DePaul focuses on a black ops group.  These ex-military operatives are now like family.  This book has action and adventure, with twists and turns, betrayals, and danger at every corner.

This thriller has a prologue where Green Beret Captain Jeremy Malone rescued Michelle, a college student, six years ago, from a cartel kidnapping. Now Michelle is part of witness protection to protect her from the cartel who suspected her of being a spy. 

“I wrote the Delta Squad as a team who takes black ops missions for a profit but the company contracts mainly with the government.  They all are “good guys” who take missions that must be stopped at all costs.  They are a team where each has a specialty.” 

Michelle must overcome her fragility after the kidnapping because she has suffered a very tough journey. Anyone who has been following the hostage crisis of October 7th can relate to what Michelle went through, just replace Hamas with the cartel.  They played sick games with her such as who can hurt her more, raped her, tortured her, were sadistic, and created triggers for her. 

“She is revengeful and has some vengeance. She has PTSD, with some anger, sadness, and guilt. She hopes to move on with her life but is not sure how considering so much was taken from her by the Cartel.  Even being put in witness protection took a part of her life because she cannot see her parents.  Now she is caught up in this murder investigation so even her integrity is taken.” 

Fast-forward six years where Michelle is seen on footage leaving the crime scene of a Senator’s son who was murdered.  The Senator who works with the Delta Squad team asks them to find the killer. Because she is a suspect their first move is to find her. After believing she is innocent Jeremy’s focus is to keep her safe and find the real killers. Michelle and the team must maneuver those who want her dead.

Her rescuer Captain Jeremey Malone now must rescue her again. He is guilt-ridden someone who takes charge and is level-headed.  He likes to strategize and thinks on his feet.  He feels like he had to take care of those he considers family at all costs. She does not want to be pitied by him.  Because he is working through his own issues it appears he is trying to avoid her. He gives weak excuses because he feels she can lead a better life than he can offer her. She knows in her gut he is her “other half.”  Michelle is trying to convince him along with the rest of the team to give the relationship a chance.” 

The suspense in the story is off the charts with fast-paced action and some romance.  



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