Sierra Six

The Gray Man Book 11

Mark Greaney

Berkley Pub

Feb 15, 2022

Sierra Six by Mark Greaney is not one story but two stories in one book.  Readers are treated to a double helping of the Gray Man, told from a dual point of view, today and 12 years ago. Both stories per usual are compelling and dramatic where readers are treated to a rollercoaster ride of vivid action, a lot of intrigue, and fantastic dialogue.

“I had talked to my editor for years about writing an origin story where readers could see Court Gentry as he develops.  I decided to write something that relates in the past and present. Readers can see Court as a younger man and then twelve years later.  The stories have two different timelines, two different objectives for the hero, and two different ticking clocks. The young Court is 25 years old. He has been trained his entire life to operate firearms and move tactically, without any other skills.  He has no people skills and is not James Bond with the ladies. At this stage of his life, he does not have a lot of world experience, yet comes across cocky and sure of himself. He gets brought down a few pegs in this story. He does missions he is told to do by the CIA. He is a soldier and a spy.

In the present Court is older, wiser, a little laid back, but not as sure of himself.  He seeks justice.  Now he will go against the wishes of his bosses.  He will break away if necessary, playing to his own tune. He has expanded his skill levels with a lot more years and tradecraft behind him. He is much better at what he does.” 

Twelve years ago, after the Special Activities Division of the CIA loses a man on an assignment, Court Gentry (The Gray Man) is called in as a replacement and given the designation Gulf Sierra Six. Because he had no military background and always worked alone, the members of the team resented him at first.  But overtime he proved himself and gained the respect of the team and its leader, Zach Hightower.

Twelve years later Court is hired as a freelance intelligence operator to infiltrate the Turkish embassy property in Algiers and plant a listening device. There he comes face to face with Murad Khan, the head of KRF who is responsible for death and destruction years earlier. This terrorist had been reported killed at the time. Now Court is once again on the hunt to stop Khan as he plans another major attack involving dirty bombs in India. 

“Khan is a Kashmirian who went against his own country. He is a member of their intelligence agency but has also created his own organization to fight. Now he is fighting India, his true passion. When I write a villain I must get into their head.  He is against humanity and very cruel, a terrible person.”

Greneay has a lot of projects going on.  “What I hear is that The Gray Man will be coming out on Netflix in July.  They already have done a test screening in LA, last week.  They bring in those who sign up for it and have them fill out a questionnaire of what they liked and did not like.  I have only seen fifteen seconds of footage, but I did read the script. I thought it was terrific.  It is based on the first book, The Gray Man, but bring in elements that were in later books.  I am currently writing the next Gray Man book. Court, Zoya, Zach, and Brewer will be back along with Hanley to some degree. In July I have another book coming out based on an audio play that was released in December. It is titled Armored. It is about military contractors in Mexico fighting the drug cartel. Josh Duffy is a wounded veteran whose job is to protect a UN delegation that is trying to negotiate a peace deal with a drug lord. There will be a second book, but I do not know what happens after that.  Duffy’s wife, Nicole, is a former army officer and a helicopter pilot.  I could see Duffy and Nicole taking a lead in another book.” 

The story and ending are typical Gray Man, a lot of action, suspense, and tension. As with all his books there are scenes that put the reader in the middle of the intense fight. This book shows why Greaney is one of the best thriller writers today.



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