Sky King Ranch Book 3

Susan May Warren

Revell Pub

Nov 1st, 2022

Sundown by Susan Mary Warren is the last book in the trilogy about three brothers.  Each brother served in a different branch of the military.  The oldest, Dodge, was in the Air Force as a helicopter pilot, the middle brother Colt served as a Delta operative, and the youngest, Ranger, was a Navy Seal. The relationship between the brothers is a central theme after all came home to their ranch in Alaska. Each is fierce, protective, and patriotic, struggling to overcome their past.

“This story has Colt, the middle child, with a heart problem, Ranger, the youngest, was blind, and Dodge, the oldest, is a wounded warrior, a helicopter crash where he hurt his legs. I wanted a physical wounding and an emotional wound with issues related to their injuries. I wanted to write realistic characters who have wounds and issues and go on a journey to end at a better place where they started.”

This story highlights Colt Kingston and Taylor (Tae) Price.  In the previous book she nursed Colt back to health after Islamic terrorists almost beat and tortured him to death.  Now reunited, in this story, the three brothers find out Tae is being hunted by Russian spies and the Russian Mafia.  She is a brilliant scientist working on a vaccine against a bioweapon of Smallpox. Now the three brothers must keep Tae safe and stop the Russians from getting the vaccine, which they plan on using for a ransom. Meanwhile, both Tae and Colt are trying to avoid the major attraction they have for each other.

“Colt views himself as a magnet for trouble.  Very impulsive, very passionate, driven, follows his gut, and will stand up for people. He acts first and then thinks second. He is also strong, funny, arrogant, a charmer, protective, and stubborn. While Tae is strong, a survivor, a thinker, timid, and brave when she must be. She has a dual personality both quiet and secretive yet determined and bossy. She is thoughtful before she acts. When backed into a corner she can be angry and defensive. Tae is an Enneagram five, on the personality scale, more of an introvert than an extrovert.  When comfortable with someone she is funny, flirty, and charming.”

This story has it all: adventure, suspense, and intrigue with some romance.  It is fast paced with an exciting ending.



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