The Bullet

Eve Duncan Book 27

Iris Johansen

Grand Central Publishing

June 8th, 2021

The Bullet by Iris Johansen brings back forensics’ sculptor Eve Duncan and former SEAL Joe Quinn. This married couple are blissfully in love.  But it turns out their relationship was not always paradise. Now readers get a glimpse into their multifaceted relationships, past and present.  Love, revenge, family, and an intense mystery are intertwined within this story.

Johansen noted, “Joe always insisted that his and Diane’s relationship was not based on love, but a marriage of convenience. They knew each other from their family being in the same social circle.  The reason Diane proposed to him was to gain access to her trust fund, which was off limits until she got married.  But because she was shallow and selfish, Joe was not attracted to her. She became resentful as she realized Joe thought of Eve as the love of his life.”

Regarding Eve and Diane’s relationship, “I did not want them to have an immediate friendship because of what happened in their past.  It is obvious Joe is the love and center of Eve’s life so there would be some tension with his ex-wife, Diane.  Having Diane around made Eve bewildered and hurt.  I think eventually they will be friends, but currently Eve does not like how Diane is controlling her life.”

The plot begins with Diane Connors, a dedicated doctor who has made a shocking discovery. She has found a ‘panacea,’ a treatment that could cure all ills. Equally determined to stop her is Joshua Nalam, a wealthy businessman with ties to pharmaceuticals and the President. After a daring theft of some files, Diane has put herself in the cross hairs of Nalam who wants to eliminate her. She already has Hu Chang, a friend with connections, having asked CIA operative, Catherine Ling to guard her life.

But she needs Eve to help her identify a skull. It seems in a fit of rage Nalam claimed to have killed Kai and left his body in pieces, in the remote Montana wilderness. She explains to the Quinns her friendship with Alon, the owner of Hakali Island where Diane has been hiding out. Alon’s brother Kai has been missing, abducted by Nalam.  At first Eve is reluctant to help but is convinced by her son Michael that it is the right thing to do.  Besides, Eve thinks it is noble of Diane to have this treatment that could save thousands. Now they all must work together to prevent the madman Nalam from kidnapping Diane and killing off everyone else. 

Readers will see how the story has come full circle with this book and the first book in the Eve Duncan series, The Face of Deception.  The backstory on Joe’s past and present relationships makes for a compelling read. 



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