The Sweet Life

Cape Cod Creamery Book 1

Suzanne Woods Fisher

Revell Pub

May 3rd, 2022

The Sweet Life by Suzanne Woods Fisher is a feel-good book.  It has a story of self-reflection, healing, love, and faith although there are some difficult issues covered regarding loss, hardship, and fear. 

“This is book one in the series, “Cape Cod Creamery.” About six years ago for a Christmas present I sent my husband and daughter to Penn State’s short term ice cream school. Ever since, ice cream has been a big part of our life. My editor wanted me to write a series about ice cream. It is a character.  Ice cream has been a part of the family’s life, including a dream to have an ice cream shop. The mother buys this run-down ice cream shop and needs the daughter’s help.  Ice cream has kept the family together and has continued to bring them together.?

The plot has Dawn Dixon’s life turned upside down when her fiancé, Kevin, backs out of their wedding.  She then finds out her mother had breast cancer and treatment.  In addition, both mother and daughter are still recovering from the sudden death of their husband/father.

“Dawn is an only child. She is more like her late father, than her mother.  She is not spontaneous, or a free spirit, as is her mom.  Dawn has very self-awareness and is a planner.  She grows throughout the story. She is diligent, a perfectionist, and a rule follower. She was able to have some father-daughter time where ice cream between the two of them was their togetherness. After she lost her father and fiancé healing became important.” 

After Kevin insists Dawn goes on vacation, using the honeymoon reservations, she decides to take her mom, Marnie. Both need a relaxing get away.  But the trip turns into a longer than planned event after Marnie decides to buy a historical run-down ice cream shop.  She is fulfilling a dream that Dawn and her father had. While trying to fix the shop, Marnie meets a townsperson, Lincoln, who is willing to help. Not to mention she calls Kevin for his advice. Marnie enlists Dawn’s help to carry out her dream because Dawn is the person to oversee operations and has wonderful ice cream making skills.

There is a potent emphasis on healing and self-reflection in relationships.  Dawn is practical, focused, and a planner, while Marnie is spontaneous, a risk-taker, and creative.  As they work together both start to understand and accept the differences of the other person.

“Marnie is more creative. She is a breast cancer survivor.  She is a child of the sixties, cooky.  Marnie relies on her intuition. She is a lot of grey. She balances out Dawn.” 

This story is uplifting and inspirational emphasizing what is important in life.  The small-town setting, humorous banter, colorful characters, and healing of themselves as well as the relationship make for a wonderful story.  



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