Under Pressure

FBI K-9 Novel BOOK 6

Sara Driscoll

Kensington Pub

Nov 30th, 2021

Under Pressure by Sara Driscoll, the author pseudonym of the writing team of Jen J. Danna and Ann Vanderlaan brings back their FBI dog handling teams.  It features Meg Jennings and her canine partner Labrador, Hawk. In this novel, Meg, and her partner Brian Foster along with their dogs Hawk and Lacey, a German Shepherd, are asked to go outside their comfort zone. 

The writing process has “us brainstorming together.  Since the main characters are cemented at this point the plot becomes a joint project.  I came up with the concept of the dogs tracking people instead of objects while Ann came up with the blood diamond concept. As I do all the drafting, she was sending me information on the blood diamonds. Then we do a chapter by chapter edit. We have been writing together since 2007 and writing professionally since 2009.”

Meg, Hawk, and her team take on the Italian mob to end the smuggling of conflict diamonds.  A Philadelphia syndicate is importing diamonds from war-torn African nations and selling them with fake certificates to Stateside dealers. FBI Agent Finn Pierce of the Organized Crime Program is embedded with the syndicate but being caught with a wire or tracking device would mean instant execution. If Meg, her partner Brian Foster, and their dogs can track Pierce to a deal location, they can break the smuggling chain while maintaining Pierce’s cover.

“The diamonds have been a focal point in Africa.  It has created conflict between China, Russia, and the US.  I have been following blood diamonds for quite some time and how it drives people on the political stage as well as poaching. Organized crime is how illegal gems move through the US.  We set it in Philadelphia because it is one of two places on the East Coast where there is action with the mob.  They are still around and are the middleman to get it out to the jewelers.”

Meanwhile, Clay McCord, respected newspaper reporter and partner of Meg’s sister Cara, has also been researching the cartel on the sly, hoping for an expose. When he misses a pre-arranged 12 hour check in, Cara notifies Meg and her team quickly assemble in hopes of finding some idea of what has befallen him.  It is easy for Cara to contact Meg since they live side by side in a duplex along with their partners. 

“McCord is considered part of that team.  But with our first book, Lone Wolf, Meg consulted him because it was a personal case. The rest of the team was very upset over that, very disapproving.  McCord wins them over because he keeps his mouth shut till the case is resolved and has useful information.”

All these FBI novels show the diversity of search and rescue dogs.  They have skills and talents that enable them to do a wide range of searches.  It is also interesting the different breeds of dogs that can be utilized.



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