Until I Find You

Rea Frey

St. Martins’s Press

August 11th, 2020

Until I Find You by Rea Frey is another story that has made her the domestic drama queen.  It delves into the bond between a mother and her child.  

The author noted, “I kept having a recurring nightmare.  I heard my baby cry out and went to pick him up.  I realized he was not my child.  After talking to my editor, we decided to have a vision impaired mother.  I really challenged myself with this story.”

Rebecca Grey has lost a lot.  Her husband died in a car accident, her mother died while helping her with the baby, and she is losing her sight from a degenerative eye disease.  Rebecca decides to move to the suburbs even though she knows nobody and is raising a new-born child.  Able makes friends with a few moms, she still suffers from fear and anxiety over the safety of her child.  Suffering from exhaustion Rebecca takes a few sleeping pills.  But after she wakes up her worst fears become a reality.

She hears her son crying in the crib, goes to pick him up, and realizes he is not her son.  Mother’s know their baby’s smell, touch, and breath.  Horrified, Rebecca knows this is not her son. But no one believes her because she is almost blind and cannot see if it is her own child.  No one except her past love, a police detective.  Together they begin the desperate search to find the child. 

“I live five minutes away from the Tennessee School For The Blind and also reached out to people on Facebook.  I called the director of the school who sat with me for hours talking about daily tasks.  The community was so supportive and helpful. I also went to the neighborhood where the story takes place.  My husband blindfolded me and took me around.  I wanted to literally put myself in Rebecca’s shoes.  Blindness plays a role because I think if Rebecca had her sight, her friends would not have questioned her, and the police would have been more diligent. It is a story about a mother knowing her own child.  I think the betrayal she felt is very powerful.  It seems to make its way into all of my books.”  

This is a story of grief, confusion, fear, and frustration.  It delves into a mother’s instinct and love for her child.  But because of the twists and turns readers also realize it is also a story of forgiveness and kindness.



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