If you read my blog, you know that I am a big fan of reality television. Mostly fashion related shows but anything that gives me an insight on fashion, fashion trends, new product launches, etc. So of course when I met the lovely Vicki Gunvalson from The Real Housewives of Orange County, I couldn’t resist an interview.

I met Vicki at the CW Network a few weeks ago. She was there promoting her new product line and I was there with a client. She was warm and gracious to my client and me, and we both commented on the fantastic packing of her new business venture.

She allowed me to interview her. I know you will enjoy it:

Q. You are apart of a franchise reality show series. What made you decide to participate in the show?
A. I actually did not want to participate in the show initially. My son Michael saw an ad for casting a POSSIBLE reality show in our community and he wrote a letter in to the producers wanting to be considered. At that time (nine years ago), the show was going to be called “Behind the Gates.” Once the producers met with me, they decided they wanted to film a trailer showcasing my life instead of the just the kids.

Q. Had you ever watched any other reality TV shows prior to being cast or any of the other Real Housewives shows?
A. Actually I support all of the other cities that are part of our franchise. Each city has its own dynamic of women.

Q. What’s up with all the infighting in reality television. Does it really take all that “cat fighting” to have a successful show?
A. I actually hate all the fighting. It’s not my reality to argue and fight with anyone nor do I like it. By nature I’m a peacemaker so it’s tough to engage with these women who just go on the “attack” when you’re least expecting it. Your only reaction is to “defend” yourself and sometimes that causes fighting unfortunately.

Q. You own an insurance and financial service business aside from the show. Has being on the show helped or hindered business for you?
A. I actually own a company called Coto Insurance & Financial Services. I specialize in life insurance, health insurance, 401k and IRA rollover planning, auto and home insurance. My website is www.cotoinsurance.com if you wish to obtain free quote.

Q. You now have a new product that you’re developing — vodka. Tell us how this opportunity happened.
A. Actually, I am partners with Tamra Barney in a wine membership club which has been very successful. My newest endeavor is MY new product called “Vicki’s Vodka.” It’s an amazing vodka that we will have available in about four weeks. The flavors we are launching are original, orange, lemon and our newest flavor, BACON! It’s so smooth and a premium vodka that I’m thrilled about. For more information on the vodka, please visit the website: www.vickisvodka.com

Q. Will you be able to incorporate the new product development into your personal story line in the show?
A. Absolutely. Watch for it on Season 8 — both the wine and the vodka as well as my insurance company. Heck, why not? It’s my reality.

Q. If the new wine venture takes off, will you continue to be on the show?
A. I will always continue with the show, as long as Bravo wants me to.

Q. Does the show have a wardrobe stylist or do you ladies wear your own clothes?
A. We wear our own clothes, style our own hair and do our own makeup — except for the sit down interviews.

Q. How is Season 8 going to be different from all the previous seasons? You’ve added new cast members; is that to keep the show fresh?
A. We are bringing in a new cast member this season who I absolutely adore. She’s fun, beautiful and is a mother of two young boys. Season 8 will be different as you will see me being a grandmother to my daughter’s newborn son.

Q. Since this is the Military Press Newspaper, I would be remiss if I didn’t ask if you have any military connections in your family?
A. Yes, my daughter is married to Staff Sergeant Ryan Culberson based out of Camp Pendleton, CA. He is a career Mariune, and I am so proud of him. He is actually getting ready to be deployed again, and my daughter and I pray for his safe return and are so proud of his strength and courage.

Until next time my Veteran Fashionistas, as always, stay fashionable!

Jackie Thomas is a proud Navy Veteran. She has represented designers from Project Runway, Project Runway All Stars, All On The Line, etc. She produces celebrity fashion shows all across the country and abroad. She’s also a Guest Speaker for FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) in San Diego. Visit Veteran Fashionista on Facebook.



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Jackie Tacke

Jacquelyn Tacke is a proud Navy veteran. She has represented designers from “Project Runway,” “Project Runway All Stars,” “All On The Line,” etc. Some of those designers’ lines were sold in Dillard’s, Lane Bryant, the Smithsonian museum, as well as a variety of boutiques across the U.S. She has produced celebrity fashion shows all across the country and abroad. She was also a guest speaker for FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) in San Diego and is a member of Fashion Group International.

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