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Over 30,000 veterans will be discharged into the San Diego region in 2014. Fifty percent (50%) or more will choose to remain here and will re-enter the job market, joining hundreds of thousands of former military troops currently seeking employment.

The current job market is extremely limited. Most veterans will face significant challenges finding a job. The inability to obtain employment is recognized as a major contributor to veteran depression, divorce and despair and suicide.

Government and private programs nationwide focus on retraining to enter the workforce. However, this is not sufficient to fill the enormous employment needs for new veterans.

Is this really what we want for our men and women who have served us in the military? Think about it. There simply are not enough jobs to go around.

Many disabled vets cannot meet the demands of employment. There Are Major Factors Standing In The Way Of Employment

  • Disabilities
  • Lack Of Hands-on Practical Civilian Work Experience
  • The Current Economic Climate
  • Length of Time Unemployed
  • Challenges Adapting to the Civilian World
  • Obstacles For Making The Transition, Like Licenses, Certifications, Education

There is Another Way! Veteran Entrepreneurs Today is a program dedicated to supporting returning vets, particularly veterans with service connected disabilities, to start up and maintain business. Numerous skills developed in the military are perfect for entrepreneurial management. Many disabled vets are not in a position to meet the demands of employment, but can prosper in their own business.

Honoring Our Troops is a San Diego based non-profit whose mission is to help veterans re-enter the marketplace through job training, a legal clinic, mentorship, and V.E.T., a program dedicated to training and supporting new veterans to become business owners.

V.E.T utilizes a unique format and is the only program of its kind nationwide. The program establishes “think tank” groups of veterans, who have expressed an interest in starting their own business. The group meets on a weekly basis over 12 weeks, shares challenges and asks questions of local experts in finance, marketing, management and other topics. Together they focus on goals and action steps.

The benefits of a V.E.T. group are as follows:

  1. Influx of new ideas and fresh perspectives
  2. Encouragement to stay positive and motivated
  3. Accountability and responsibility
  4. Shorten learning curve
  5. Exposure to the business community and resources

Please help us fund this worthy project to help veterans to be financially independent and proud of their businesses.

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