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Currently on 4K UHD and Bluray from SHOUT! Factory, director Pascal Vuong and narrated by Tom Brokaw is the documentary that reminds us the history of D-DAY: Normandy 1944.

In this 75th Anniversary Edition, Brokaw, along with the original music score from the London Symphony Orchestra, we are given such detail about the strategy that led to D-Day. The military strategy, history and technology are explored in the planning for such a strategic day.

Planning began in 1943 as the Allies worked out a way to keep Germany from discovering what was being planned, especial Hitler’s Field Marshal Rommel. The Allied Forces included General Dwight D. Eisenhower, General Bernard Montgomery, and Lt. General Omar Bradley among others. In detail there would be three countries heading up the landings – American, British and Canadian troops would be divided into sectors on a 50-miles stretch of the beaches of Normandy.

On Tuesday, June 6, 1944 the invasion codenamed Operation Neptune began. Considered the largest seaborne invasion ever attempted, the goal was to liberate France from the German forces. There was also help from within France as their had their own resistance force doing everything possible to get information to the Allies.

Twenty-four thousand soldiers landed on the beach and after a difficult first day, expansion brought about the liberation of a country but not without a large price to be paid.

D-DAY: Normandy 1944 is an extensive look at it all from beginning to end. This documentary pays tribute to those who fought and died but also explores the history in detail along with the military strategy, science, technology and most of all – the human enduring spirit.

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The Bonus Features include: Interview with Director Pascal Vuong, Interview with Narrator Tom Brokaw, Interview with Historical Advisor Peter Herrly, Behind the Scenes: Normandy, Behind the Scenes: Sand Animation and More!

The cinematography of the documentary is stunning and clear but also uses a blending of multiple cinematographic techniques that capture a moment that changed the course of history.

D-DAY: Normandy 1944 is an intense documentary filled with so much information that I would highly recommend it for teachers and educators as the disc contains so much in the way of visuals. Brokaw brings a voice that tells the story of Normandy as only a journalist can do.

In the end – the details of a monumental and historical event!



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