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Coming to 4K Ultra HD are all five films in a Limited Edition 5-Movie Collection of UNDERWORLD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

In 2003, director Len Wiseman introduces Selene (Kate Beckinsale) who is on a mission to destroy anyone, and everyone connected with killing her family. When she learns about a man named Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman) and that the Lycans led by Lucian (Michael Sheen) are looking for him discovering the reasons they are so interested. Along the way she learns things about her father Viktor (Bill Nighy) and that the stories she knew are made up for both vampire and Lycans benefits.

The story is even deeper, and Selene is struck with the truth about the history and beginnings of the first vampire and Lycan. The history involves Michael Corvin and scientist Singe (Erwin Leder) explains what could come of it all.

The smash hit of UNDERWORLD let to the 2006 release of UNDERWORLD: Evolution again directed by Len Wiseman. It is now 1202 with vampire and werewolves once again attacking one another. This time it is Markus (Tony Curran), Viktor (Bill Nighy) and Amelia (Zita Gorog) who are looking for another in the werewolf bloodline in William Corvinus (Brian Steele) to put him somewhere no one can find him.

Selene (Kate Beckinsale) has her hands full keeping Michael safe (Scott Speedman) knowing she is going to have to have it out with Kraven (Shane Brolly) who wants Markus (Tony Curran) dead. In the mis is Alexander Corvinus (Derek Jacobi) who finds a metal piece knowing the other half once belonged to Lucian. In hiding, Tanis (Steven Mackintosh) tells them more of the history and the first Lycan-Vampire hybrid.

With all the destruction, it is Selene that gets the answers to questions she never knew she had and a gift that will make her even more of a threat to everyone around her.

UNDERWORLD: Rise of the Lycans directed by Patrick Tatopoulos would hit theatres in 2009 with the first Lycan Lucian (Michael Sheen) beginning the next chapter. Viktor (Bill Nighy) takes Lucian raising him believing he can use him and all like him to be at the beck and call of vampires. Viktor has a daughter, Sonja (Rhona Mitra) and she has a passionate affair with Lucian and even when he saves Viktor’s daughter, Viktor’s anger is raging, and Lucian is imprisoned.

But the lovers are not going to take it all and fight back, but it is the elder Viktor that once again uses his powers to subdue the situation. Lucian’s anger sends him looking for Viktor and knowing that a war is about to start with Lycan against Vampire.

In 2012, director Mans Marlind would bring UNDERWORLD: Awakening as the world learns that there really are Vampires and Lycans in the world. Selene (Kate Beckinsale) is put in cryogenic suspension for twelve years and Michael () is held captive. Escaping, Selene meets David in tunnels below the basement where she is being held. There, she realizes that it is filled with sick Lycans.

She also learns a horrible secret of what was done to her while she was in suspension. Getting away from the Lycans with a young girl named Eve (India Eisley) by her side and a coven that will not accept hybrids, David (Theo James) tries to convince her to stay. Outside, Selene is met with a savage battle. She also meets Sebastian (Michael Ealy) who tells her that a corporation called Antigen is responsible for what happened to her.

Run by Dr. Jacob Lane (Stephen Rea), she learns that their purpose is to create a Super-Lycan. Horrified, Selene sees that Lane has Michael also in cryostasis and attempts to free him but when the Lycans discover where she is, they must run. The police are alerted, and Selene, Eve and David have no choice but to get away, even after discovering Michael is now missing.

UNDERWORLD: Blood Wars hit theatres in 2016 directed by Anna Foerster and the final installment to the franchise. Now it is the vampires that are in jeopardy of being vanquished totally by the Lycans. Selene (Kate Beckinsale) is being hunted by both sides as Marius, leader of the Lycans, wants the young girl Eve and the vampires are still a little upset about what happened to Viktor.

Thomas (Charles Dance) has reluctantly agreed to allow Selene, bringing David (Theo James), to come into his coven to train new Death Dealers but Semira (Lara Pulver) and Varga (Bradley James) are furious with the arrangement and set in motion death of other vampires and the draining of Selene. Once again on the run, more attacks happen to other covens. In the midst of it all, David learns that he is the rightful heir to the Easter Coven and returns to claim his place.

Selene, believing her time is over, is taken in by the Nordic Coven led by Lena (Clementine Nicholson). Now the war comes to a head as it is time for a changing of the guard – but it is not going to be easy as the blood war rages, and Selene finally gets the answers she needs. Now, Selene, David and Lena chose to rule, and Eve is safe.

Beckinsale as Selene has taken the story of her character into so many different story directions that it is incredible to have all five of these films together to binge (which I love doing) the action. Spending thirteen years telling Selene’s story, Beckinsale left no emotional stone unturned and brought audiences back for more.

Sheen as Lucian also puts his mark on the story but then again anything Sheen does – sign me up. Equally, Nighy returning again and again to play Viktor is just such a joy to watch. The same can be said for the incredible talent of Dance as Thomas. These actors bring to much to these characters to make them not only awesomely interesting but irreplaceable in the storyline.

The addition of James brings in the fresh blood yet still has its place in the original story of the vampires and Lycans mythology.

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UNDERWORLD Bonus Features include: 4K Ultra HD, Theatrical & Extended Versions of the Film, and Alternate Flashbacks. The Bluray includes Extended Version of the Film, Director & Cast Commentary, Fang vs. Fiction Documentary, 7 Featurettes, Outtakes, Storyboard Comparisons and “Worms of the Earth” by Finch.

UNDERWORLD: Evolution Bonus Features include: 4K Ultra HD Theatrical Trailer. The Bluray includes Director & Filmmaker Commentary, The Hybrid Theory, The War Rages On, Bloodlines: From Script to Screen, Making Monsters Roar, Building a Saga, Music and Mayhem and “Her Portrait in Black” by Atreyu.

UNDERWORLD: Rise of the Lycans Bonus Features include: 4K Ultra HD Rise of the Lycans: Inside the Castle Walls and Theatrical Trailer. The Bluray includes Behind the Castle Walls: Picture-in-Picture Experience, Filmmaker Commentary, 3 Featurettes, and “Death Club” by William Control featuring Matt Skiba.

UNDERWORLD: Awakening Bonus Features include: 4K Ultra HD Underworld: Endless War 3-Part Animated Series and Theatrical Trailer. The Bluray includes Cracking the UNDERWORLD: Picture-in-Picture Experience, Filmmakers Commentary, 5 Featurettes, and Blooper Reel.

UNDERWORLD: Blood Wars Bonus Features include: 4K Ultra HD Franchise Recap and Theatrical Trailer. The Bluray includes UNDERWORLD: Blood Wars – The Official Movie Graphic Novel, The Evolution of Selene, Building a Blood War, Old & New Blood and The Evil Evolved.

Each of these films is filled with intensity of story and amazing action as well. It is a battle royale between the vampires and Lycans. Each have their goods and evils that become clearer and clearer with each film.

It is interesting that vampires are always seen as the ‘bad guys’ but with the UNDERWORLD franchise, we see that the Lycans are not as innocent as we’d like them to be, no matter how cool Lucian is. Both sides want nothing but pure destruction of the other and will do almost anything to make that happen.

Selene is the calming force between the two even if she does not mind throwing down from time to time to make that happen. Beckinsale looks amazing film and film and I believe that is what keeps us coming back for more. She delivers and makes it all look so easy that we are completely sucked into every moment that each film gives us.

So, when doing your Christmas shopping (because we are doing it earlier and earlier), and you have someone who needs to binge on the awesomeness that is UNDERWORLD, then this collection is a must-have for your own home entertainment library.

In the end – it is an immortal battle for supremacy!



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